HE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. If there was a click bait grandmaster tidal you'd be World champion.

  2. you need a oscar for running in that duolingo vid

  3. A couple days ago Tyler said he broke 1500 elo in one of his videos

  4. I swear Gotham is trolling us with the window update sounds and discord notifications

  5. i did, indeed, did think it was my discord… thanks

  6. I love how, without a doubt, there are chess snobs in the comments in every video mad at the yourube meta. Levy is just playing the game, watch the video lmaooo

  7. My new meme opening idea : the "AHHH"

    with white you start with: a3 , h4 , Rh2 , Nh3

    or with black: a6 , h5 , Rh7 , Nh6

    please try it

  8. I mean who watched the women tournament recap let me know

  9. Vidit has to be one of the most likable, low-drama super GMs in the world, I’m really happy he finally got to the candidates

  10. Levi never fails to become a Grandmaster..ohh wait

  11. btw 23:42 a little correction, tan zhongyi gets the 2nd candidates' spot from grand swiss cause anna muzychuck made through the world cup

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