GM Hikaru Doesn’t Know He’s Playing Filipino NM Sting Ray! GM Hikaru Nakamura vs NM Sting Ray

NM Sting Ray takes his SHOT at the GOAT of blitz GM Hikaru!
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  1. @0:16 the ol' rock, paper, scissors, fist bump, handshake game… lol

  2. These are the type of people I wanna be around with, they're so chill.

  3. Sting missed Rx e4 exchange sacrifice,,,which could have gave hip some sort of activity and fighting chances and also eliminating Hikaru's monster knight,,, lets talk about that

  4. The difference in the usage of time…

  5. Never trade queens with a GM. They will destroy you at endgames

  6. The Monster bullet chess Hikaru….Hikaru just got married…🥰

  7. What kind of sorcery is this, don't believe your question is far from the truth ) Bobby Fisher once said you have to be more then good to compete at a high level and near the end of his life he was sick, hated chess and seemed to be tormented by the demons. 😢people need the lord who is the lover pf are soul beloved. Say with me Lord forgive me and come into my heart or Lord forgive me for back backsliding. God bless

  8. i will go there and try nakamura power hahaaha

  9. People are still wearing masks nowadays?

  10. I here they do most these videos in L.A. does anyone know if Hikaru lives in CA near them or does he travel to come play these? 🤔

  11. Hikaru vs. Forest! Even just for the playful banter Forest will bring…I believe only Robert has beaten Hikaru so far.

  12. He does this to give his opponent a fighting chance

  13. Just watch Hikaru do puzzle rush and you'll see just how fast his mind really works in chess! I can't even understand the moves after he makes them, and moves on! A sight to behold.

  14. Hikaru must be bored with winning by now 😂

  15. Beat that a555 like a drum 🥁 lol 😂

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