Secret Chess Trick: BOOMERANG

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  1. I actually learned this from a Kasparov video, and I was so hype to premove it in a game once LOL

  2. this just unlocked so much for me . Thank you, Levy.

  3. I took boomerang literally: Bh2 Kh1 Bc7 Kg1 Bb6 Rf2 Qf2 Kh1 Qh4# – two boomerangs actually

  4. Hi Levy! Please tell me of some ways to illegitimately improve my elo, I need some good cheating tricks so that I can crush anyone without being suspected. Actually I need this chess cheating skill as I'm starting a Chess channel on YT. Thanks.

  5. Good luck ever getting your board in position for this

  6. Guys I had my first en passant in a 149 elo game!!😁

  7. I found this on a real game and I ended up missing the trick or M4 because I didnt see this

  8. "Did you get the rook?"
    "What did it cost"
    "My queen"

  9. Just to be an a-hole i would move the bishop to d5 where the enemy queen can see it.And then deliver mate while the queen stares at the bishop lol

  10. That's really helpful, becoz every time i do this and king escapes😢

  11. White queen can try a sacrifice queen too in e4

  12. That one bishop laughing from a random corner of 10th dimension.

  13. Just hit 1300 rapid, this has gotten me a decent amount of points during my climb so far lol

  14. Calling it boomerang is actually smart. It makes things easier to remember when i imagine a bishop as a boomerang

  15. I did this in a game once (thank you levy without this I would’ve lost)

  16. Thank you so much! This one video helped me get to 1000 elo (I was 875)

  17. Your queen mating with another king and you call it a win?

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