God Pawn

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  1. my secret pawn trick is to blunder every single one of them

  2. levy is the type of guy to say bless you when sneasing

  3. Lucy's gonna murder him for all this stuff in the comment section

  4. And thats why leon Edwards is the best chess player in the world

  5. it says 0 comment but I know god damn well there aren’t 0 comments idk why it says that lol

  6. Levy's stares are so good that he uses it as the intro of the video.

  7. Hey Levy pin me if I pranked you.

    Read more

  8. 4:30
    Wow, frank is so popular that his name is now used as a derogatory term

  9. One of the funniest things ever 5:20 violent diarrhea 🤣, litteraly sitting on the toilet right now with explosive diarrhea watching this video

  10. this guy just sac 30 point of advantage and still win

  11. This man sacrificed his queen for the pawn chain. What a classical player.

  12. En passant checkmate? Meh.
    6-pawn chain?😎😎😎😎😎😎

  13. Today's hairline looks fire 🔥 🔥 🔥

  14. We need a video on Frank getting to 800! He had a brilliant move in the game that brought him to 802!

  15. 9:38 Can't the queen just take the queen instead of the knight in case queen takes bishop? What am i missing.

  16. "Somtimes you play a chess game and feel a certain way" yeah, shit, because i get destroyed

  17. A 6 pawn chain – a dark squared Bishop's greatest nightmare.

  18. I like the content so much more when it’s creative and not game reviews, I’d also like to see Gotham do things over than chess or more collabs with editing on his channel

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