we asked chess players if anyone can become a grandmaster

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  1. Of course. If you are past 11 years old there's no freaking way you can make money with chess as a career, so you're better off playing and enjoying chess as a hobby.
    Im rated 2200 in rapid , 2100 in blitz in online chess. So if its in fide, around 300 elo lower. I have no plan to play OTB chess . Just enjoying playing online and watching chess tournaments 🙂

    I started playing chess at 9 but not that serious.

  2. ….. me starting to learn how to play chess at 23😭

  3. I guess now, with that amount of information on the internet, you can become a gm even later in life.

  4. Why does youth facilitate being a GM? It's not a physical activity.

    Is it because of brain development? If you start very young, you build the neural path ways. After 20, those pathways are developed already and it's harder to create new ones.

    Could that be right?

  5. Ask the same question to magnus Carlson

  6. see how the approach (3rd gm) of looking away and down and overall avoiding eye contact approach makes the interaction wierd and little uneasy for everyone

  7. 17 years old damn two years too late

  8. To master Chess, you do not need to have a high IQ. To become a Grandmaster, you do; however, it is not a must to be good at chess if you are intelligent. In fact, your chess ability mostly depends on practice, and not intelligence. I know that IQ is not a great way of measuring intelligence; however, you can see that most chess gms do not have high IQs.Magnus and Bobby are around 190, Kasparov is 135 and Hikaru is only around 102. Most of the others are in between 100-120 scorewise (average).

  9. Women are just as smart as men, what a joke..

  10. You dont have to be a grandmaster to enjoy chess. dont forget, you have a life outside chess

  11. She trying so hard not to stare into Aryan’s eyes

  12. Hmm…. I need to find another hobby. I'm 20 years late…

  13. I am 14 years old and started chess at the age of 13 and still i am doing good my rating is 1700

  14. currently 22 and just started learning chess.. i just hit 800 last night and that was such an achievement bc I was in 300-ish couple months ago and i feel slowly improved but still i really enjoyed playing chess, i love the game and I wish im ready to start defeating the grandpas out there😂

  15. I started playing chess at the age of 23, Now I am rated 1950 FIDE. I doubt I will ever surpass the 2000 mark lol

  16. I feel like people just don't understand how this reality works just because something isn't common doesn't mean it isnt possible. 😂😂

  17. Lol tari & her are too much beauty & hotness in the same frame. 😂

  18. My friend is rated approximately 2300, and he started playing chess just a year ago is it rare or normal? he is just 16 years old and he started playing chess when he was 15

  19. I'm almost 50 and just started playing Chess, I don't care about being the best, just as long as I can win a few games and keep slaughtering all the new players.

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