we asked chess players if anyone can become a grandmaster

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  1. You can know my rating easily. Find out the highest rating a GM can get, got that? To deduce mine, take the square root.
    Tad aah!

  2. What's the lastest you think someone could possibly start to become a GM?
    Answer: 15
    ME: 40 😢

  3. Frankly, if you becoming good enough to be a grand master, you probably aren’t enjoying the game anymore

  4. For grandmasters it's a job. And for most, it's a full time job that doesn't pay any money. Just go to a club, practise, improve and have fun. That's how you win at chess

  5. thank god that i started playing chess at 10 or 9 years old

  6. Great. I'm 42 I'll never be a GM. 😢

  7. What are we saying here? Don't let this discourage you. Like of course, similarly, you're not gonna win a Tennis grand slam if you start tennis at 25, but who cares. Just play for the love of the game. 99.9999% of people won't be a Grand Slam champion – including even some of the very best.

  8. Fide data show that there are 605 mln players in the world, and a total of almost 1800 GM, so it surprises me that it’s quite difficult to understand for people here in the comments and for the players been asked in the video that it’s only a matter of statistics and probability.
    The mathematical answer is that no matter at what age you start, there are possibility near to 0 to become an actual grand master, that’s it, either if you start at 3 or 40. It goes with a certain QI to get such a result and there is just a small percentage of population having such a high QI to get that level of knowledge.
    So keep it easy and play for fun. You are all getting it wrong here.
    Let’s take a practical example, let’s suppose that carlsen started at age of 35, he would probably get to gm level anyways in a few years due to his natural talent, probably outstanding QI and level of obsession, than take a normal average 10 years old guy, it would probably take his whole life to get to a normal level of playing even though he practise several hours a day. That’s it simple as that.

  9. Started at 17, damn, gotta get on the grind

  10. I started at 10, am 22 now, and still can’t keep my rating above 1100 lmao

  11. He really said around 15 👀
    (I am 15) 👀

  12. She sounds like a robot asking those questions

  13. As a 15 year old who started playing chess december last year, that last GM gave me hope

  14. Let's be real, that thumnail is pay back to Anna after she beat the Botez's 😂😂

  15. Unpopular opinion: adult people do not get the chance to become masters because they do not have enough time to engage in a chess career like underage kids instead do. They already have their own career and will certainly not disrupt it to start playing chess as their new full time job.
    It's not a matter of intelligence, it's a matter of hard work. Most masters say so. I think everyone can potentially become at least a Candidate master. Most people simply don't have enough time and/or patience to reach that threshold.
    I read that you have to start very young, otherwise you brain won't be elastic enough to improve that much. I think that's bullshit. I started playing around a year ago, at the age of 26, and I am now rated around 1500, playing a handful rapid matches every week. I am quite sure that if I dedicated all my time and energies to chess I could hit 2000 in less than three years, and then 2300 in another five or six. Probably I wouldn't become a Grandmaster, and I would be fine with it, but I certainly would quickly become a professional. Keeping myself a hobbyst, instead, I will probably stop at 1800, because that's the long-term perspective of a club player.
    So, please, be less braggy about it. Masters are not geniuses, they are 'just' very experienced chess players.

  16. If you ain’t playing when you can’t speak, then GM is not you’re peek.

  17. I feel like this is less about the age you start and more about how much time you put into it. The younger you are, the more time you have, it's the opposite when you get older. When you get older you have responsibilities to take care of and not nearly as much time as before, but if you can find a way to make time to study chess I feel like you could absolutely become a GM, way later than the age of 15. It all depends on the time you put into it.

  18. I’m 37 and I just started the chances are looking slim for me 😊

  19. Aryan got that rizz you know 😏

  20. Yo im 15 i could still be a gm lets go 🤯

  21. This is why Anna is one of my favorites lol

  22. I ll start playing chess when I get retired (because I don't have time for it now) and I will become a GM. Will keep you posted !

  23. I mean I'm 20 and recently passed the 1000 ELO mark. I'm definitely not grinding for a title but my goal is to reach 1800 before i reach the age of 25.

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