Grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura surprised by Andrew Tate Chess skills


  1. Wasn't his dad like a grand master at chess

  2. Tate Even got grown men smiling like it’s one of his chicks 😂😂

  3. His father was apparently a near grand master

  4. "I always accidentally take someone's chick." 😂💀

  5. Duh hes dad was a professional chess player

  6. I got a ignorant. Andrew was playing chess against world leaguers when he was eight

  7. Nah, not 58 iq. The other dude helped her out, but he didn't see it. Iq would it be like 15. 😂

  8. Actually theres a cool story about chesa pieces. Everyone thinks it's a game of war, but it's really a game of politics:

    The pawns are not soldiers. The word pawn literally means expendable asset. They're there to further the other pieces' political goals. When they eventually gain enough influence (reach opposite rank) they attain power of their own (promote)

    The bishops represent religion in the royal court. You always have 2 bishops who are on opposite squares. Those squares represent their influence. Hence why a white bishop can never influence black squares and vice versa. Just like how you cannot control a muslim with a bible etc. The rooks are not castles as people think. The word rook comes from "rookery" which is one of the tallest towers in a castle (usually its the keep or its as tall as the keep). In the rookery is where they kept the pidgeons which were used to send critical messages. Information is power, hence why rooks are so powerful. Having a network of informants (connected rooks) is one of the strongest combinations in the game.

    The knights are very unpredictable, hence their weird movement. They are unhinged attackers.

    The king can move in every direction of the board, but he is limited by the laws and by his position. Being king comes with a lot of limitatioms and responsibilities. That is why he has many choices of which way to go, but cant go too far.

    The queen on the other hand can move freely around the board and she can assert her will indiscriminately. Unlike the king, she is not really bound by procedure and bureaucracy so she has more time to influence the political situation.

  9. He's the son of a chess grandmaster surely he know how to play😌typical top G

  10. Stop stalling. Ok i was trying to let u hang around a bit

  11. Fuck both these guys. Chess is like that because it was made in the fucking dark ages, thats a terrible fucking argument.

  12. This is so stupid. Tate wants people to believe he has high IQ but in reality he only uses vague or simple things to say and trys to put a small twist on it. Just watch his videos on hiw he talks to women and it will show you how scummy he really is

  13. Because the queen is married to the ritches man the king and isnt tied down to doing work all day, if you let your queen wander to far on their own they will eventually be taken 😉

  14. I honestly hate when ppl think there superior because there good at something dude ppl who act better than you can suck a dick

  15. Because the King sacrifices the Queen to stay alive

  16. Well top G's father was a professional chess player, he shared it

  17. Andrew proved our elected leaders in authority are clowns.

    Great content

  18. The man says a lot of our there stuff sometimes but the guy clearly smarter than most will allow themselves to admit.

  19. Honestly the first time ive ever been impressed by Tate.

  20. His dad was a pro chess player…. And a cia asset

  21. He cheated yall see him slide his pawn when he moved that other piece right 😂

  22. Bro looks like a inbred Neanderthal and beats women but damn if he can play some amateur chess against a random tv personality.

  23. His dad was top g in chess he knows the game

  24. I always accidentally take someone chicks 😂

  25. Hed be even better if he didn’t sex traffic children but that’s just me

  26. How the hell did piers leave his queen open to a knight like thst

  27. Yo I paused this game when it showed the board after piers moved his knight backward to be next his king, which is a move that didnt look right because he had to move that knight from across the other side of his pieces. Well before tates's knight took the queen, I noticed an odd looking board. If anything piers is an amateur that wouldn't rank. And I'm not sure how tates' bishop was able to get to the spot it was in without losing it.

  28. He’s smart as hell knows how to fight and is able to make insane money from dollars. He’s what the communist regimes of Russian and china and every other nation to try it killed off first. The business men the intellectual influencers and those who posed a threat to the narrative.

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