Chess Mod in Among Us

We try and escape a Chess Mod in Among Us

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  1. And he sacrificed…….THE ZUUUUDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!

  2. bro this ain't even a mod anymore it's a whole separate game using some of the original character sprites

  3. I love this video this made me laugh so much 😂😂

  4. You shut make a slime rancher mod the game works you are a rancher and you colect slimes and food to fed the slimes i want to the imposter be a tarr the tarr is a evil slime then eat other slimes plis do it ssunde

  5. I think SSundee should make a golf mod in among us

  6. 100% The most accurate representation of chess that I've seen. 10/10 video.

  7. SSundee im your biggest fan i watch atleast 4 of your vids a day im subscribed with notifications on love your videos ive been i huge fan of you for years

  8. You should make one that your in a mall

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