We got Magnus Carlsen, Hikaru Nakamura and Viswanathan Anand to guess a series of different famous games but with a twist! They weren’t allowed to see the pieces! Can they figure out which games these are?!

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  1. magnus playing with extra memory every game

  2. There is even more crazier than this. There are people who can remember exactly what happened on a specific day, all their lives. Some of them even go crazy because they cant forget sad memory. It is embedded in photographic (or videographic) memory and its permanent.

  3. Magnus knows his chess position too well😊😊😊

  4. I thought they won't be that mean, but they are -vishy 2024

  5. Magnus memory is crazyyyyyyy😮😮😮😮

  6. Magnus can remember the position of 90s that's crazyyyy😅😅😮😮

  7. Magnus won that too😅😅……. How does he know hikarus game better than hikaru himself….. is he ever human

  8. Magnus mind is a library to know all those positions that's insane

  9. Magnus …just unparallel to everyone…Goat for a reason

  10. Hikaru just knows bullet 😂😂😂

  11. Reason why magnus is a GOAT 👑👑🏆🏆

  12. Magnus has an database of games that he has analysed in the past it isn't even fair lol

  13. Sponsored by Checkers; another variant of chess ♟️

  14. Hikaru to Anand: who the fck you think you are? 😂😂

  15. Super GMS: Ah I yes I remember this game I played back in 2007
    Me: I can't remember the position I had after 10 moves from my previous game

    These super gms are truly remarkable at the game

  16. Yea, but let's see them spot famous checkers positions lol

  17. because of his ridiculous & rude attitude towards Alireza, I hated watching Hikaru, but because there were Magnus & Vishy so I still watched it

  18. Magnus must have something similar to the mind palace in Sherlock

  19. Magnus remembers the quantum state of each particle in each piece

  20. Magnus seemed to remember Hikaru's game faster than Hikaru did. Someone needs to nerf Magnus' memory in the next update

  21. Lovee y'all from Morocco ❤️🇲🇦

  22. Damn , Vishys grandpa brain is still working like a well oiled machine!!!

  23. Magnus memory is beyond crazy.
    Photographic memory is not correct.

    This is Magnus Mem….Nobody has ever had it
    and will never have.

  24. It seems to be still underestimated how much Magnus is a student of chess. Dude can recall games from over 100 years ago. Shows he studies more than anyone and has a memory to match the studying. 100% GOAT for me.

  25. Vishy: 🥱🙄
    Hikaru: 😅
    Maggy: 😯😁

  26. How in the world does Magnus know the year the games were played, that is ridiculous!

  27. I’ve watched that vishy magnus game 999999 times, vishy’s reaction when he realized he shouldve moved his bishop instead of knight to stop the attack, it looks like he said ‘fawkkkkkk’

  28. Now we know why magnus is goat? Because his brain is very sharp and he remember everything so well

  29. Hikaru bhai tumko koi nhi yaad tha? Offcourse aap full time streamer ho

  30. I have a good memory, but I wouldn't be able to identify the position from my own game played yesterday even if shown the actual pieces. How these guys can identify decades old games played by other players based only on the colors of the pieces is amazing. It's not just memory, but a deep understanding of chess that quickly tells them how such a position must have arisen, thereby revealing the pieces in their mind's eye.

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