The Secret Move in Chess! #shorts #viral #chess #memes

Today, I show one of the most fun, chaotic, and unpredictable games of chess ever played! This game features a variety of moves never seen before on a chess board including a squash, an Amazon gift card, a tiger, a frying pan, Mario Kart on a Nintendo Switch, a green shell, and more! It’s a combination of chess in Ohio, Minecraft Block Battles in Chess, Anarchy Chess, ChatGPT Chess, Top Chess, Gotham Chess, Chess 2, and more! If you enjoy the chess memes YouTube shorts, like and subscribe!

You can definitely play this secret chess move to win your chess games!

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  1. the knights shouldved blocked the green shell with the potato chip

  2. White sold, he should’ve drank a bottle of water to learn air bending and take out the black pieces

  3. As a chess player its cool but IT HURTS ME INSIDE

  4. It’s not a milkshake it’s a horchata



  6. White was playing pvz at the start and then switched to cooking mama

  7. bro neve out of ideas and i didnt expect him to buy more pieces

  8. I never knew how to play chess until now, thanks for the lesson 😂

  9. White blundered, should have attacked the gift card before cooking. Rookie mistake.

  10. Truly a brilliant match up 🎩🗿☕️

  11. Move Idea:Landmine

    If you step on the landmine, it kills any pieces in this area:
    🟥🟥🟥(Danger area)

    Use a red token/counter for it

  12. White with the early heavy attacks but black had it all strategized and planned out

  13. Just show the back of the gift card real quick

  14. The true meaning of never let them know your next move

  15. hello board hello black team im your ch-ch-ch CHERRY BOMB

  16. Bro my brain in a test or how they play a game in Ohio area 51

  17. It looks the same as a child mind, and honestly that's fun

  18. Insanity! White should have used salt!

  19. Never let them know your next move ahh video

  20. bro really used the pvz combo. Cherry bomb 💣

  21. The black bishop saved the king. Justice for ma boy ♝♝♝

  22. 9 more comments for the perfect number were on 60

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