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0:00 Intro
2:23 Game 1
8:50 Game 2
17:00 Game 3
27:20 Game 4
37:50 Game 5

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  1. Can’t wait till I have a 1900 elo and gain a British accent

  2. Got my first "sacrificed the roook" moment today, and I must say it felt superb 👌

  3. I feel so personally attacked in these videos

  4. As a 750elo I've been stuck here for months

  5. I am embarrassed to say as a 700 guy I have never played as well as the two 700s in the first game.

  6. Please never do that voice again. That high-pitched voice actually triggered bad memories I had when my cat used to wake me up with a screech at 3 in the morning. Please be sensitive to individuals who have sensitive ears, or I will go to twitter and complain about you.

  7. Goddamn levy was popping off on his chat today this was bullying

  8. i thought that you wouldnt do a raid shadow legends sponsor

  9. i clicked on this video faster than i blundered my queen

  10. i played i game and had
    7 blunders poor me

  11. Wait, wtf?

    I know how entertaining and knowledgeable about chess he is, but that voice range was something else.

  12. that high pitched voice made my mom mad

  13. Gotham got a raid shadow legends sponsor, he has truly made it

  14. Idiots using opening books then running out of theory combined with chesscoms ridiculous pairing system has resulted in a bunch of high-level n00bs flaunting privilege in the face of a bunch of low elo masters. The rating system is absolute garbage.

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