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  1. Well well well, the first game of guess the elo #30 had the same smothered mate so this is not history. Sadly.

  2. There was a smothered mate in episode 30 of gte

  3. I wish he would say what type of game is being played before reviewing, like rapid, blitz, bullet etc.

  4. Couldn’t the second game be a stalemate 🧐

  5. I throw you into a lake and you still refuse to drink water🤣🤣🤣🤣. This is so hilarious man

  6. Me watching in 360p just so i dont see the chat

  7. Me and my kids actually play dice chess. We role the dice, and whatever piece it lands on has to be either moved or captured (if King is rolled, you can move your king or give a check). The only exceptions are if the dice role does not allow a legal move or if your king is in check.

    1 = Pawn
    2 = Knight
    3 = Bishop
    4 = Rook
    5 = Queen
    6 = King

  8. There was a smother mate before, I remember it clearly as you rated the game quite low and I was like there is no way such a low rated player even knows what a smother mate is….

  9. I like how Levy every guess the elo since 2.0 forgets to check stockfish elo guess

  10. You're not becoming GM if, you do I give you nothing

  11. "You should listen to me" says the guy who quit chess because he couldn't achieve anything of importance…

  12. are we going to ignore the fact that there was a mate in 52 moves at 11:15

  13. "On the money , give me money " by Levi the rapper

  14. There was not a single time I could guess a single move in any of these games

  15. Also episode 30 of GTE featured a smother mate so ban him levy .

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