No Draw for You! || Alireza vs Wesley So || Superbet Chess Classic (2023)

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Photos by Lenart Ootes
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  1. 6:09 Alireza shifts to the d4 pawn, then wants to double up on the E file with rook e3. My man Alireza doesn't even let Wesley play. Such a chad !

  2. Nakamura is also absent. Cheers. Thanks for the video.

  3. The only ”local” is Deac. București is the capital of Romania. Rapport is Hungarian. Common mistake, maybe that's the reason why it becomes more and more annoying.

  4. Alireza is so ignorant that when he won $250,000 in Saint Louise USA ,,he assumed that money had him set for life,,therefore, he quit playing chess…Very Silly childish kind of thinking!!!

  5. YES! My two favorite chess players! So, Alireza and Polgar play The Best games.

  6. I am sorry, but… me and my girlfriend (even she, never plays chess just watch me enjoing gambling a in the evening, and i am not really good, maybe 1700) laughed the ass off, as you said this is a completely new position in move 9. In my games, i have this every day two times, at least. 😀
    Maybe this is why I am not as good as those guys 😀

  7. That was a great picture shown at the beginning. Ian can't even look at Ding, has his back to him.

  8. Everyone facing forward…except Nepo. He face away from Ding.

  9. How the hell did they get Ding and Nepo to play in such a grueling tournament directly after a world championship? $50k appearance fee? Doesn't make sense to get one let alone both to play.

    And no Magnus?

  10. A gioco piano game where Antonio doesn't make the b4 joke???? What's going on????

  11. Great commentary and well done Wes, as relentless as ever.

  12. What would happen if 2 super gms played each other but every 5th move was played by a 1000 level player? where each super gm was paired up with a 1000 level player and there was a money prize for the super gm on the winning side

  13. Fashionnnn You go to fashionnnn…. Lol Alireza.

  14. As Magnus once said: „No draw for bad Frenchman“

  15. Thanks Agadmator Enjoyable Game very competitive Wesley had the edge again Good Board position Good effort by Alireza unfortunately fell short

  16. Pls show one game from Sigeman tournament too. Youngest GM Abhimanyu Misrha and Gukesh doing very well there.

  17. Why didn't Magnus compete? I thought that he wanted to stay in competition, and only skipped defending his title because it would limit his ability to take on large numbers of top=flight players in tournaments.

  18. At 8:14 why didn't alireza just captured the rook and then he could fork the king and queen?

  19. I love that they both declined a draw and made this a fighting game!! That's the spirit! <3

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