Guess The Elo: Levy Edition

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  1. Happy rosh Hashanah!!! Lots of love from israel!

  2. You should block the elo for us next time, so we can play 'guess the elo' too. 😀

  3. Progress don’t regress levy chase your dreams of being a grandmaster, don’t use it you lose it I want to see you succeed.

  4. isnt it forky forky at 21.01 with the knight?

  5. I love this format. Please do more of these.

  6. that last game against Karttunen was a nice surprise, cheers from Finland!

  7. Blitz think process:

    1. Let's develop our knights
    2. Ah maybe I got something here
    3. Oh shoot I gotta speed up"
    *Hangs a queen*

  8. bro really decided to tape his screen instead of correcting his obs scene

  9. Title made it sound like he would get other rated players to guess his elo without saying the games were his

  10. I play on focus mode, it helps me so much

  11. Another cool concept would be you playing unrated against random viewers/subscribers and guess their elo afterwards

  12. No way Levy still didnt review games between Masha and the bear and masha and the tiger from "Time To Ride My Pony" episode

  13. "You must know your enemy before you know yourself."
    Sun Tzu: Art of War

  14. I'm still waiting for recaps for games of Magnus 😢

  15. Levy =
    Focus mode removes stress when you play stronger opponent

    Also Levy playing against 2500 players =
    What if he was a grand master, I definitely shouldn’t take the free pawn!

  16. "Normalize being sad after you loose chess games", nice

  17. I'm not an expert at chess by any means but why wouldn't Levy take the knight with his king at 27:11?

  18. I like this "teacher" gotham more than "streetrabble" gotham, though the latter is more entertaining

  19. can anyone tell me when he teaches us tricks or tips in chess he moves the black and white pieces for examples how does he do that i am trying to find it to practice openings, defending and attacks

  20. Love this content! Even tho it was tough for you, it was very instructive!

  21. You can't play focus mode and then think "maybe I'm playing a grandmaster" That kinda defeats the purpose 🤣 Also I think stuff like focus mode in games work a lot better when u use it for a longer time over a couple days let's say. Cuz then you just zone in eventually.

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