Guess The Elo: Levy Edition

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  1. disliking for this clickbait i wanted guess the elo

  2. dont be frustrated because loosing to 2500 players..

  3. This would actually be a terrific side series if played against his subscribers, where the range is any ELO…and he has to guess the ELO of the player playing against him after playing them himself…

  4. Focus mode just means Levy gets as anxious playing lower rated players than he gets with GMs

  5. i feel like levy was just being real af in this one. kind of wish this was always the vibe

  6. Very enjoyable video the whole way through, props

  7. I was here when the title was just “BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD ABD BAD”

  8. 33:46 i saw that move but levy didn't even consider it so i thought i was missing something 😅

  9. i only clicked because i thought levy was in a GTE game
    I'm an idiiot

  10. the opponent at 23:00 is not really a NM from vatican ? Wait..

  11. Developing the knight back to the home square in game 2 felt susss

  12. If psyching yourself out was a youtube video –

  13. Did he change the video title? Or am I just so sleep deprived rn?

  14. I taped the opponents elo to. Just for the full experience mode. Love ya GoFFam <3

  15. What happened to the old title!!!!!!!!!! "BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD"

  16. sound desynchronized with video 🙁

  17. Seeing the rating change kind of ruined the "guess the elo" part.

  18. i like how he isn't screaming at me as much

  19. this would be a lot more interesting if we got a wider range of elo's, rather than just 2500 to 2900.

  20. Real chess masters play on chess universe

  21. 33:33 Rxc3, Bxc3, Qf6, Bxf6, e5, Bxe5, c3, Rxc3, Rg1, Rc1+, Rxc1, Qb2# levy calculated this and resigned

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