How I Beat a CHEATER!!

Hikaru played a high rated account on September 16, 2023 that turned out to be a cheater.


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  1. "Who cares" Nakamura, the terror of cheaters

  2. The day hikaru's opponent has higher time than him, we're doomed 💀

  3. This was brought up by Kramnik in an interview, cheaters try not to cheat on Hikaru or Magnus because they get banned immediatly. But with lower rated gms they cheat all the time

  4. I've found the way me and hikaru are similar. We can move fast the mouse.

  5. So sad Iranian players doesn't use their talent and instead cheat .

  6. Iranian people always cheat as I have 4 games with Iranian openent and I reported them while I was playing …few hours later they were ban like a chicken on the sandwich easy to eat ….

  7. امیر هول خاک تو سرت کنم که دوماد مارو چیت میزنی روش؟!
    بچه حرمت داماد واجبه

  8. you can't even beat hans how can you beat a cheater

  9. Looks like Hienam Nans was grinding on a second acc :/

  10. bro when he played b4 instead of Kb4 you must have realized he is a cheater. He intentionally played the worst move

  11. Chess c never ban cheaters, only when it’s caught by top streamers.

  12. The sad fact is that the cheater is Iranian…I'm Iranian And I'm 1000 but that's a shame that bro is cheating with 3000 fake elo I think😢BUT STILL HIKARU WAS LIKE DON'T CARE😂😂😂❤

  13. hikaru the goat, watched 2 of his videos came from 400 to 700 in 2 days lol

  14. Hikaru beat Hans the cheater again ? Nice video 😂

  15. This shows how good my arch rival is..

  16. Idk if I’m wrong, but Hikaru could’ve sacked the rook with rook takes on b4, if pawn takes then it’s backrank mate, if not then you’re up a bishop 3:40

  17. Cheaters are a pest and really ruin the game. Best is probably to avoid online chess and play against some engine. It will allow take backs which is only fair. More so than any cheater on their best day (when they don't "play"). Just sad, stinky meat robots really.

  18. ابرومونو بردی امیرحسین کسخل😂

  19. The fact that the cheater is an International master makes it even worse

  20. You just cant play a really good game anymore these days youre just automatically a cheater 🤣

  21. Is it cheating if you have a opening in front of you? To try and practice it. I do it against bots but can I do it with people.

  22. if he really is amirhosein suzankar, he is GM level chess player compared to Parham Maghsoodloo

  23. Bro stopped hitting juicers that's why his game is down

  24. Saw the title and assumed it was Hans Niemann

  25. In Hikaru's own words anyone can have a good game of chess, and the endgame of the last one was fairly straightforward.

  26. Can you imagine how terrifying that is?

    Imagine having an engine barely change evaluation against a speed demon.

  27. the cheater should've use bong cloud on hikaru

  28. Ur right tho the guy was smurfing… stockfish was using this guys account to boost wins

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