Guess The Elo Must End

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  1. This has got to be one of the best episodes ever. All of these games were masterpieces

  2. As a 900, I confirm that 700s play like that.

  3. Why is the botez gambit being played every fucking time

  4. I dont see the pirc defense on your videos

  5. Maharbal Barca Suren-Pahlav Pazinski says:

    Watching the games presented here reminded me of 2 most basic lessons i learnt in chess: 1) do not play chess when drunk; 2) do not play chess when distracted (either by inner or outer factors). Do i act having these lessons in mind? Well, sometimes :->

  6. bro you be so funny even the sponsor at the end in good to watch

  7. Props to levy escaping the kidnappers. You got it levy

  8. Levy there is new ai and one is your pet apparently

  9. Realizing that levy said this video wont be in yt but here it is. Lmao

  10. Yt is never gonna see this video. Me: brain.exe not found error 404

  11. Watching Levy on 2x makes it more interesting

  12. I didn't think I'd be watching half an hour of chess content yet here I am

  13. ''stop coaching me'' lmao we would be best friends lmao

  14. We don't know the players time though, isn't that important

  15. 2:31 i literally saw this part in a gothamchess youtube short!

  16. I made it to the end of the video. I'm very upset, it wasn't skipped by sponsor block. I. don't. want. a. fucking. watch.

  17. This was the most wild Guess the Elo so far

  18. Anyone else just waiting for the door to open and a toddler to walk through? (like the BBC news interview in 2017) 🤣🤣

  19. 12:32, Oh yes, iMean, the new Apple product to leave you and other people speechless, nice sponsor, will buy it

  20. I did watch the end of the episode and argued with you about how I can't afford to treat myself in this current economy. Anyways, absolutely insane GTE, honestly the smothered mate had me jumping out me seat with how bogged I was

  21. Hello sir , I'm a fan of yours from India and I watch every video you upload , today I was playing chess and noticed in the game review that I had my first brilliant move….by sacrificing the BISHOOOPPP… and ended up winning the match after 2 moves of sacrifice , I just wanna say that I love you sir and I love your personality and everything about you 🖤🖤

  22. How nice of levy’s captors to give a copy of his home

  23. How is that first game 1000 elo? I am 700 and while I am really bad, I don't think I am that bad

  24. Lol, this makes me want to try to submit one of my games against the boxbox bot where I was down 13 points of material and won because of the idea that I had.

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