I became a chess prodigy.

in my chess era



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  1. How you the best chess player she knows and gets done by scholars mate

  2. Yeah I believe she pretended to play chess for as long it took to make this video. 🧃

  3. Bro americans fr think they good at chess, meanwhile they hate russians 💀💀💀💀💀

  4. Imagine thinking good players would loose to a scholars mate. #staged

  5. nice script good luck on your next fake video

  6. Can you build realistic minecraft skyscrapers though 😎

  7. as someone who’s been playing chess since 2013, it’s fucking awesome watching chess gain the popularity and credit it’s deserved within the past few years

  8. Your friends are all/mostly male and you suffer from a fem inferiority conplex, instilled in you be feminist?

  9. Dude if he loses to scholars mate he is not a good player

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