Gukesh’s fire chess for a 28 move win in the London | Gukesh vs Robby | Qatar Masters 2023

There are very few players who can attack with the same verve and energy as Gukesh. The youngster from Chennai hasn’t had the best of tournaments at the Qatar Masters 2023, but he managed to create a fantastic attacking spectacle against his 8th round opponent Robby Kevlishvili from the Netherlands. Don’t miss this encounter to learn about Gukesh’s creativity, some tricks in the London and IM Sagar Shah’s commentary.

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. why he always looks so pissed😂😂😂
    never saw him smiling in tournaments

  2. The present hair cut looks disgusting.Gukesh looks fine.

  3. Bhai baal cut karva le acche nhi lagra rahe gukesh

  4. I miss this aggression against SuperGMs…

  5. Rating is not the most important in his career, he needs to focus on improving on his weaknesses and long term career. Rating will always follow his Elite level gameplay.

  6. If g6 played then what will be the course of attack??

  7. I'm in love with d gukesh's hair style 😍

  8. Gotta say, am not a chess fan, but the commentary makes it exciting to watch 😂, this is the first time I see an absolute checkmate for grandmaster level chess tournament, usually they realised it sooner

  9. Gukesh had his hands up immediately after rook to g8😂😂

  10. Gukesh Style tho Thalaivar jaisa..(Rajnikanth)❤


  12. Sagar bhai, why don't you consider using a different facial expression for the thumbnail or simply remove it?
    Just focus on featuring the players. I understand your intention to convey the excitement of the match, but using the same picture(s) in every video is getting repetitive, and I've stopped clicking on videos with the same expression repeatedly.

    Please take this as constructive feedback.

  13. He lost too many elo points. It is sad.

  14. Absolutely ❤ the commentary by Sagar bhai

  15. Gukesh is giving me serious Benny Watts vibes

  16. @8:37 Gukesh looks at Robby with a confused look like you really just played gxh??

  17. great!! 💞💞💞💞💞💞n yes as mentioned in comment, awesome hairs!! 🎉🎉💞💞💞💞💞💞

  18. Hey, at 6:02 can't knight b6 would be a better move (if not plz explain)

  19. wow robby was shell shocked great game by gukesh just like a robot what a great player is our lad

  20. Hey, at 6:02 can't knight b6 would be a better move (if not plz explain)

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