Hans Niemann: 2946 Elo


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  1. The watch the whole world is waiting to see is Hans vs. Magnus naked in a sauna somewhere in Greenland!

  2. 3 or 4 things,

    1. The Knight on the rim is grim.
    2. The Knight was hanging for more than 15 moves or something
    3. Knights were sleeping thinking it was night😂😅😄😀😶


  3. I see 3 titles for this video. I'd rather see "HANS NIEMANN SOLVE CHESS"

  4. A lot of people here are just making jokes about Hans Niemann, buttplugs and playing like stockfish. But I actually enjoy this content, Hans proving he actually didn't cheat is entertaining !

  5. Hans tweet is a violation of the chess speaking for itself 😂🤣🤣

  6. wasnt there fork insted of knight takeing

  7. 1:02 you are really valuable when levy tells you your worth more than a rook

  8. Juan Valdez has been separated from the donkey

  9. Hans plays too much chess. I saw the title of the video and got confused because I know he drew today against Jules Moussard.

  10. We need the "Welcome to GothamChess Recaps"!!!

  11. another hans video = the YT algorithm speaks for itself

  12. Please stop using gendered language at the beginning of your videos…"Ladies and Gentlemen" It's offensive. Thank you

  13. My name is Hans Niemann, and I speak for the chess.

    Can someone make a meme of Hans being the chess Lorax that we can post every time he tweets/interviews?

  14. Why did he resign after losing the knight? Down a bishop and pawn is too much at this level?

  15. What if Niemann works his ass so hard to make his chess speak for itself after all the "story", that it actually does…

  16. the opponent: Im gonna crush you Hans
    Hans: you will, my Butt!
    the Butt: speak my master!
    Hans: be prepared. we got a work to do…

  17. Did you know that „Niemann“ translated to german literally means „Buttplug“

  18. Can we all just appreciate how well Levy commentates on chess matches?

  19. 2900 performance? That's an under-performance by around 600 or 700 points for our silicon friend.

  20. Gotham makes me feel like the most valuable piece 🥰

  21. So… He was or wasn't cheating back then?

  22. Levy had the title set to "Hans Niemann solves chess" but now it says "Hans Niemann Destroys" guarantee it's cause he's used "solves chess" too much 🤣

    Idk about you guys but I LOVE his titles

  23. the legend says that hans stop cheating a while ago, because the engine was too weak for him

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