Magnus Carlsen Invented Another Chess Opening

Magnus Carlsen Invented Another Chess Opening, The Queen’s Plow! He played it against Arjun Erigaisi in Titled Tuesday 21st November, Early, chess tournament on Magnus Carlsen unafraid to play epic random chess openings against anyone in the world. Very exciting chess opening and chess game by the chess GOAT, Magnus Carlsen!

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  1. I love Carlsen‘s originality! So much fun to watch!

  2. You know it's bad when the game turns sadistic.

  3. the opening magnus use actualy is called ware opening it is a classic but you start with a bad accuracy when you use it

  4. Magnus thinking he is captain Kirk lol

  5. Can we call this queenside opening the Freddie Mercury Plow?

  6. If you would've asked me a year or two ago who was the most entertaining chess player in the world, I might've said Dubov or Alireza or Rapport. But this little-known character by the name of Magnus Carlsen is stealing the show these days.

  7. "Boldly plowing where no one has plowed before!"

  8. A disguised Star Trek reference. Very cool.

  9. I picture something very different than the thumbnail when I hear "The Queen's Plow".

  10. My new fav chess channel for the latest top games ❤

  11. I had no idea chess commentary could be so entertaining. love it. and I love learning the game by watching this channel.

  12. Does this channel only talk about Magnus? Geez

  13. Is it weird we all love to watch carlse PLOW these bitches??? I for one love it so much its unbelievable

  14. I think Magnus should really go back to challenging this 2700s.. I wanna see his rating up again 😢

  15. Many people have "invented" this opening before Magnus.

  16. By getting his opponent out of the book on the first move, he can start outplaying on the second move.
    Instead of saccing a pawn, he sacs a move.

  17. Cant wait to see how hans finish he's tournament but see this video instead. Dont want to be spoil so i wait some hours 😊.
    If you didn't cover, may be thats just 2 boring draw but i wait

  18. Queen's Plow declined! Amazing commentary mate.

  19. I'm a big fan of Viktor Kortjnoj. For decades he was a top level player.
    His trick was, he told, was to play unexpected moves. Not great moves, but moves not analyzed endlessly by his opponents.
    "I'm forcing them to think for themselves".
    It looks like Magnus does the same. Brings the match into unknown territory. No memory usable.

  20. yes enjoyed this one, thanks. Magnus the snow plow 😉

  21. If only I'd known how brilliant I was all those years ago… 🤪

  22. Wow Magnus annihilated Arjun must’ve been a blitz game Arjun putting that Rook on the a file when his king shut in with a Bishop locking it down kind of comical the Magnus effect things go wrong they really go wrong thanks for the game James have a good rest of day

  23. Plough and goat meme hilarious keep it up got sub from me 🙂

  24. Second! Do I deserve a plow by epic chees? 🎉

  25. In Australia we call this move the kangaroo paw 😊

  26. I can "invent" hundreds of crappy openings like this. Great clickbait!

  27. WTF, Magnus copied my opening, Bollywood did he invent that!

  28. The opposition is mirroring the offence, in a real game their is counter pressure. No unaccounted for variables.

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