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  1. Have you already mentioned that Hans's Santa Claus emoji on his name placard seems like a taunt to Magnus?

  2. "And that set off a massive cheating scandal" that Gotham Chess did as much as anybody to inflame and perpetuate for the sake of views.

  3. 3:55 I drew the hardest Magnus bot like this with white (I'm 1530 rapid)

  4. What if they both agreed to prank the world a year and a half ago?

  5. amazing how a cheater that can't explain his moves still has any form or shape of support

  6. Can you make a video on ayanokoji vs sakayanagi (anime) chess game plz

  7. Clickbait wont work on me. I'll watch anyways

  8. would be awesome if i had gothams views lol

  9. 19:35 I saw Nb5 after Kxe7, and I don't even play chess 😂. So you'd surely think Magnus would see it too, maybe it was some other line he didn't like (or maybe it was a cunning plan all along to go to a late endgame and crush Hans' spirit by slowplaying lol)

  10. That twist ending, honestly feel a little bad for Hans, we've all been there

  11. I can ear Hans's angry screams when he mouse slipped 😭

  12. "It finally happened… again."
    Comedy brilliance.

  13. why would you dedicate your life to being a mediocre chess player on a website that is 89% cheaters using stock fish? Serious question ? its basically a glorified checkers game where all everyone does is try to promote unless at the extreme top level. Is it just for the cash you make from youtube and what not? If so hats off to you 🙂 but acting as if its anything other than glorified checkers under 2800 elo is just nonsense

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