Kramnik’s Behaviour Is Outrageous

Vladimir Kramnik’s Behaviour Has Gotten Outrageous as he reports Tykhon Cherniaiev in this Titled Tuesday chess game played on, 19th March 2024 early chess tournament. Outrageous behaviour from Vladimir Kramnik in my view.

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  1. Totally agree James! You can’t just simply insinuate cheating without proof!

  2. Let the man have his midlife crisis 😂 at one point he will realize that the youth has overtaken him left and right 😂😂

  3. The russophobia in this video and in the comments is obvious.

  4. Great game to see reviewed, watching the slow exploit of the dual weakness of f2 and the potential queen/king fork. And an impressive use of the word portmanteau thrown in too.

  5. Kramnik used to be world champ, so he genuinely was the best chess player in the world. I think as his skills have (slightly) declined and other much stronger players have risen in what is essentially the game’s golden age, his ego and evaluation of his own relative skill level never adjusted to these changes.
    He still has the thought pattern of someone who thinks he is better and smarter than everyone else. So how could he be losing so much? Must be foul play, especially from other top players. Add in some old person anciety over technology and the massive shift chess has seen onto online formats (which warrants a fair bit of legitimate scrutiny, to be fair) and you have the complete mess of a guy that Kramnik has become.
    It’s a downward spiral that his ego won’t let him recover from because he’s already decided he’s right, so anyone who is against him is either stupid or involved in the cheating.

  6. Kramnik is a former WC and one of the best players in the history of the game, had a rating above 2800. Who the hell are those kids lol local master teen prodigy haha give me a break there are levels to this game. huge difference between former 2800 and 2300 lol astronomical skill difference!

  7. I follow this kids since years! I hope this helps him to grow his channel! I such a fun kid!

  8. A bit of exaggeration in this particular game, but overall agree with him. Kramnik has a point. I personally block and report any opponent that is lower rated than me by more than 200 points and beats me twice in a row. Statistically such a weak opponent (kind of beginner for me) has a chance to beat me of 1/4 or less. and twice in a row 1/16. So decent chance this opponent not worth giving any chance to play me as they might be cheating, there is decent chance. Enough other players to play!
    There are too many sore cheaters out there that rob us the players who dedicated their life to chess. I play for 20+ years so hell yeah I will block those disrespectful cheaters.

  9. Twenty years after: Kramnik blocking himself after being crushed by himself.

  10. It's just sad, I remember respecting Kramnik as one of the top chess players. In many of the games he reports the game is pretty close and he does a couple of bad moves that the opponent capitalize on, its not like he is out played

  11. I think Kramnik suffered a trauma when he was accused of cheating during his match with Topalov.

  12. Kramnik should start wearing suspenders. That would be awesome!

  13. I like your video, but not the title. I am grateful that you didn't name it, you won't believe… or you will be shocked… I understand that YT algorithm incentivizes such titles, but still…

  14. When you keep doing the same thing and expect a different result…🤔

  15. I do admit he is losing it. But you have to give credit where credit it due. It is damn impressive watching someone have a 3,000 rating even though they don’t know how to do pre moves or drag the piece instead of painfully clicking the piece then the square it’s going too.

  16. Isn’t it exactly what Carlsen did to Niemann? Accusing him publicly of cheating just because he lost, having absolutely no proof of it?

  17. You are correct to call that outragous. Imagine in Football, Ronaldo with a brilliant move that only he and two others can do. As you are watching it, you are saying: "That's impossible, he must be cheating" and you do a Kramnik (< that's an expression now).
    What a stupid thing to do.

  18. Well said.

    Who would've thought the former WC would've mattered to this day. If you don't see great moves coming (…d4, keep pushing 'm, baby 🙂 and just procedurally report them as unhuman, there's always that very large cinematic neon billboard that's attached to the chess highrise, that says that Life is Cruel. If you miss a fantastic move, you missed it.

    Kramnik should look for more useful 'usual procedures' after getting earwashed. Maybe do the dishes, do the laundry, mow the tundra. Midjourney and any AI would absolutely love it as a prompt.

  19. plot twist : the kid had leila and alphazero conferring in the background lol.

  20. This is all leading up to Kramnik rationalizing using an engine in his games to level the unfair playing field.

  21. Im suspicious and sceptical of a lot of players online nowadays. Seems everyone plays better than Fischer these days. Good on Kramnik for stirring the pot, its long overdue.

  22. at this point it already has a reverse effect. being labeled as a cheater by kramnik is already considered an honor amongst chess players

  23. I watched that stream live. He had a terrible time on each board, and accused almost every opponent he played of cheating. Even though he always tries to cover his arse by saying "It's not an accusation".

  24. Chess has passed kramnik by and he can't understand or accept that

  25. How can you say this is outrageous? How can anyone else than the great , epic, legendary Vladimir "chess god" Kramnik or the computer make a move like that. Clearly cheating, well spotted Vladimir.

  26. What is so outrageous by Kramnik`s behaviour? There was virtually no explanation by Tihon about that move. Not a single word on his live stream. Yes Kramnik didn`t know Tihon played it out of nowhere but Kramnik knows his stuff and knows what is suspicious and what isn`t, it his right to say so if he thinks something is. In addition Tihon was talking about some h6 move earlier completely at a point during the game when you would not expect it and when he was on the attack(computers normally recommend such prophylactic moves when they know they have big advantage) he was also looking left and there was clearly somebody else in the room with him as he was smiling to someone all the time. Your analysis as to why Tihon cannot be cheating is quite superficial(Niemann is also a very hard worker presumably), Kramnik never claimed some of these guys cheat all the time, he claims they cheat when it matters.

  27. I'm around 2100 rated and d4 was the first move I thought of. I might have rejected it, but then at this time control I'd probably have thought it was active and aggressive and played it anyway.

  28. It is interesting how Kramnik is viewed as the crazy old man, when in reality he is correct about some of this cheating. Particularly Hikaru. Hikaru is an incredibly talented and entertaining chess player, but I’d bet big bucks he’s visited the dark side on more than one occasion.

  29. I can't get into speed chess. Too many people lose on time. How's that fun?>

  30. Kramnik is the 14 year old in this situation!

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