Hans vs Magnus: The Rematch

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Hans vs Magnus: The Rematch

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  1. He forced a draw cause he ur an online cheater by ur own admission


  3. Hansolo finished at 3rd place in this tournament. good stuff.

  4. bruh this board tile color is literally cancer how the f do you play with that

  5. Hans man I doubted you whether you will be ever able to make it back but I love what I m seeing and I just want you to keep going and focus on your chess and create content . Just keep this going . All the best man 💯🥳

  6. This game is proof of Magnus being afraid of Hans

  7. the Magnus fanboy club dont understand chess

  8. Magnus played for the drawm did not try to win with white ….. typical behavior of cowads

  9. Here for the music, stayed for the draw

  10. Hans is being very dishonest. He lost his first game to Magnus today

  11. Magnus tried very hard to destroy Hansolo with social media BS. but Magnus failed hard

  12. To the road of 3250 in blitz in surpass Hikaru in a such short time that with be incredible …. !! also every day streaming with a good content will make you Hans a good busines man ….. and help you to finance your travelling for all these tournements OVTB … in you have immense supporter to help you ….. go Hans the underdog ….

  13. I'm a big fan of Magnus but also a fan of you bro. You've been playing some incredible games

  14. Next time when you're white against Magnus, you will obliterate him again. Magnus' most natural state is the fetal position.

  15. 🥱 If you say so Hans- let me know when the game ends…. 😴

  16. Hans, I want you to know that the accent joke isn't lost on everyone. absolute comedy.

  17. Bro pls do the unbiased commentary against Hikaru Nakamura

  18. no cheating here just the GOAT and hans niemann

  19. Berlin is auto draw almost 100% of the time.

  20. Dude, you act like you won something here. Cant perform OTB in Tata and now you draw Magnus online and what? You think this showed any supremacy? I think your chess speaks for itself at this point.

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