Hans vs Magnus: The Rematch

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Hans vs Magnus: The Rematch

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  1. Magnus playing scared then he will probably edit on his side showing a win.

  2. wanted you to win this but a draw against the best player is no joke. You will surpass.

  3. The Goat showing people how to play exquisite chess and Magnus was the opponent aswell.

  4. Congrats hans bro u deserved what u should be. Peoples allegations were wrong U r Goat U proved this itself ❤❤🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  5. So the notion that Magnus was scared I don't believe. Looking at the end of the video he had clear 1st place which a draw secured. Objectively I think what he did was smart. Why risk the tourney?

  6. Magnus is not in the charity business. He doesn't play for a draw except when he plays Hans

  7. Magnus was shaking while facing the undefeated undisputed king of chess

  8. The draw speaks for itself. My guess is, you wanted the game to last as long as possible given how long it has been since you both played. To make up for lost time.

  9. I can listen to music an play Scrabble at a pretty high level, but I can't listen to music and play chess. I suppose that's normal, but it seems weird to me.

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