The Chinese Chess Pro who Disappeared for 10 years

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  1. this is my first time when I watched a full video of GothamChess but I've seen a lot of his clips in Instagram and stuff, I began to be interested in Chess vids but I like when he just stops at around the 10 min mark to say something about a random meme in the internet because he basically has to in order to get kids interested in a chess video LOL

  2. What a game. Great coverage as always Levy. Thanks for this one.

  3. Wei Yi about to be the new magnus of gothams videos

  4. As someone might say, his moves are… very interesting

  5. Lol your hypebeast thumbnails and titles.
    Good content though, and you're a good player. Respect.

  6. Your channel also going to disappear for 1m year

  7. Remember,

    "There is always a Asian better than you"-Another Asian

  8. I remembered that the rumour was Wei Yi did something and got penalized by the Chinese Chess Federation. But also back then his style getting a but too one dimensional and top players can both attack and defend way better than his previous opponents ( I remember his attacks fizzled out a lot against top opponents). So his style took him there but to move beyond he need change in style and it’s a huge task.

  9. What an unbelievable combination. Complete insanity. If he plays like this he will definitely be giving the super GM’s a run for their money. Glad he’s back.

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