The Chinese Chess Pro who Disappeared for 10 years

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  1. Are there any native players who represent USA in chess?

  2. I am terrible, you should watch one of my games and tell me why I am so bad

  3. I seriously appreciate that you actually focus on someone else than Magnus. I don't mind if Magnus is 50% of your content, but 90% is ridiculous. Seeing these latest videos is so refreshing.

  4. ❤❤❤❤ I just reached 1800 rating just because of your videos🎉🎉🎉🎉

  5. Terrible lecture dude. The focus should be on Qf7 the quiet move. Stop trying to make THE ROOK happen…so annoying

  6. Wei Yi is like that one random airbender you used to chill with but disappeared for 100 years but then when the world needed him most, he returned.

  7. Only when one is young and literally fearless would they even consider calculating this line

  8. Wow. What a game! Thanks for making this video about Wei Yi, Levy ! One thing I noticed about his games during the Tata Steel tournament is his imagination and creativity — esp. in the opening (throwbacks and/or sacrifices galore!). This man is truly a genius! Can't wait to watch him in future games! He could be the next world champion from China!

  9. Why is it with the Chinese players that nobody actually knows what they get up to? Can you not interview them or something?

  10. Levy never fails to mention skibidi toilet in his videos

  11. Dude has stockfish software implanted in his head

  12. I am happy to see such a great player coming back to chces 🙂

  13. Its impossible to calculate something complicated as this game if you are not Super GM so many slightly different moves and yet you totally mess the entire position, this got to be one of most complex attacking game I watch in year or two. Even if some of the moves was forced maybe 5 or 6 still hard to see in such depth.

  14. Levy never fails to talk about skibidi toilet

  15. Will you appear in the next ten years like Wei?

  16. Had to pause this amazing game to search "Skibidi toilet"

  17. a guy named Batista abandoned Cuba for the USA? fancy

  18. Bro using vishwanathan name as local hero and including his name with legends like magnus ,hikaru and etc etc😂.

  19. Jokes on you I came here from skibidi toilet

  20. Thx for the Vedio…..❤

  21. Gothamchess tryna squezze himself with likes of Hikaru n Magnus, we don't know u like that bro

  22. I know it's not 100% related but I like Ding's immortal more.

  23. Lazaro is pronounced LÁzaro, like Lazarus. The emphasis is on the "A".

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