He beat the World Chess Champion!

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  1. She's gonna be in good shape? 🤣🤣🤣 Anish is she??? 26.00

  2. Ding tried to avoid the line Magnus has played with that bishop move due to his ego, and then refused to admit that move was a mistake, again due to his ego. And like that he went down.

  3. My favorite chess videos are the ones that say something like PRAGGNANANDHAAAAAAAAAAAA in the title

  4. imagine if levy got a low taper fade

  5. Respect towards Parham for always playing such combative games and giving us entertainment and educational content.❤

  6. Levy never fails to feature Hans in Gotham chess videos.

  7. The Title "PRAGNANANDHAAAAAAAA" was so much better 😞

  8. hmuhmhmhmhHMHM!!nmumhhmmammammuhmhn was that clear?

  9. The top rated Indian player has not "always been Gukesh", but, if anyone, Anand, for 37 years and only overtaken by Gukesh in 2023.

  10. pragg deserves to face ding for the world champioship.

  11. Lol praggnahandna magsoodoo these names 😂

  12. I was super rooting for Parham M and he's playing some of the craziest games I've ever seen, but my mans is just coming up on the losing end of everything. I wanted him to absolutely crush those nutty games and become the new Rapport, but sadly the story line is moving in the wrong direction. Still, guy is a legend. I hope he makes the candidates in a few years and does well.

  13. Top player don't want to lose their well-earned ratings.

  14. The dunning Kruger effect is a phenomenon where someone with surface level knowledge of a subject overestimates their own ability. There is legit a graph showing confidence in a subject compared to experience, and it starts out at 0 confidence, then at like 5% knowledge, it peaks to 100% confidence. From my perspective it seems like something people do when they grossly underestimate the depth of a subject.

  15. why not take bishop w/rook. me confused

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