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  1. Amazing progress for an adult that didn’t even know how the pieces moved 6 months ago. Grinding out all those puzzles and rapid games in that time frame is insane.

  2. I'm sorry but if you start out at 200 your career is already over, no way to ever become reasonably good.

  3. Don't wear that tank top anymore. I was getting confused between you and Tyler1. It was difficult to follow the video. I had to focus on the facial hair to make a distinction.

  4. Thnx for the motivation tyler, now i am going to learn London system at stockfish level depth.

  5. The best gotham chess video in history. Thank you

  6. The best gotham chess video in history. Thank you

  7. Here before the title change: "HE WILL BEAT STOCKFISH"

  8. This was actually a really cool video, really glad tyler continued with chess. Im going to check up on him myself now. Thanks for sharing the story of one of the most entertaining pogchamps members

  9. Glad to see Tyler hasn't changed through all these years 😂

  10. Bro I got a COC ad trying to convince me to play COC instead of chess

  11. bro is secretly scared of tyler thats why he is trying to be on his side

  12. Only legends know that he changed the video title

  13. This is very motivational to play more chess again. I stopped at mid 1800 rapid cuz I started playing OTB and lost some games making silly mistakes. I quit cuz of how angry I got over each loss and it was in my mind for weeks afterwards 😂. I should of kept it on the internet

  14. Gotham please teach Tyler1 an actual opening. He has only played the cow this entire time with both white and black.

  15. 17:50 My guess would be that he probably didn't even see all that. Could be wrong, though.

  16. I've lost 250 ELO since he started. Now I know where it went.

  17. Legends know that the title was changed.

  18. his grind is awesome. i love it. i wish i could at least a little bit like him.

  19. Frank vs Tyler1 will be the best match in the world of chess history.

  20. welcome to the chess of draven XD

  21. Best video so far….very inspiring 👏👏 Tyler Chad🗿🗿

  22. The guy seems like he a natural has a good eye for the board.

  23. I reached 1000 elo in 500 rapids.

  24. I'm not good like Tyler 1, whenever I play, i need a some months to recover from 1 match, win or lose

  25. The 5th game is the new Immortal game because 22:05 e5 is almost same as the 19.e5 in the original Immortal game.

  26. Tyler1 is such an addict, he admitted himself once he starts playing he can't stop. This is not dedication, it's obsession. He has the luxury to play for a long time and do what he has done, but he is a bright man who has known the ways of League of Legends (achieved highest tier in all positions in the game), this guy knows how to solve problems and learn.

    GG T1 keep it up <3

  27. Gotham i would watch out, tyler1 does level up to his opponent, he got highest rank in lesgue in all positions in the game just out of spite, maybe he can’t defeat hikiru or magus carl sagan but make no mistake that guy is becoming gm in 2 years

  28. I think that if Tyler wants to do something he will do it. Only proof i need for that is the f-in challenger in every role in League

  29. We just witnessed a man that definitely has too much time for chess.

    And he is making fun of some Tyler1 guy that also has too much time!

  30. tyler hit challenger in every role, including challenger in europe and korea, he's no dumbass even if he acts like it

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