Book Moves World Record.

The Longest Line of Book Moves on chesscom Explained. 100% Accuracy. The Main Line of Ruy Lopez, or the Spanish opening.

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– Contents
– 00:00 Intro
– 00:43 Game

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  1. Im Now a Chess Enjoyer Enjoyer! Now if this comment gets a Pin I have to get 0 best moves against Martin

  2. Ruy lopez… the only opening i was ever remotely successful with

  3. One of the dragon variation might be longer

  4. It's very easy to get the legendary 0% accuracy. Just hang Fool's Mate.

  5. That one kid in class who learns everything

  6. Why Ndf7 is not a book move? What s the difference between a book move and the best move? Isn'tt a book move the best move?

  7. I've always wondered what exactly determines what a book move is

  8. The music in the background seems kinda familiar

  9. i got 0% game before by accident haha it shows up with an emoji instead of a precentage

  10. that's why every grand master love to play ruy lopez

  11. Actually the theory goes to move 25 because on move 21 you should play Bh6

  12. I think engine calls it "book moves" because this exact game played by Bobby Fischer and Boris Spassky in 1992. I also think they were doing their things. In their times, there is no lines that long, only the breyer one might be.

  13. Love watching others play Ruy Lopez. But alas, I cannot play it.

  14. bro I have played games which is finished before reach to 21 moves. I like to call it "megalodon spanish opening"

  15. The Ruy Lopez is a complicated opening, for both white and black.

  16. what's funny is that Im 800 elo and I memorised this line as well as the chigorin instead of studying tactics and practicing easier openings. Kinda dumb of me but this is common sense so it wasnt hard

  17. I like how every chess channel that uses tts uses this exact one

  18. there is another opening main to the ruy lopez: Ruy Lopez Opening: Morphy Defence: Closed: Yates: Bogoljubov Variation

  19. It's kinda the opening that has been played in the last game of grand finals Ian vs Ding

  20. Ah shit! my comment got pinned to this channel(i hope it does)

  21. that was a game of bobby fisher and boris spasky?

  22. Imagine playing what you think is a normal game and then you realize you have made 21 book moves

  23. its not a wr tho, i saw an opening where you get 29 book moves

  24. My parents call that a failing grade

  25. I recently played all these book moves against Magnus and by move 20 I only had my king left.

  26. Pawn is safe for now, good for him my cute little pawn

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