HE WON AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. Something about the candidates just brings the beast out of Nepo

  2. Since magnus is not there in tournament.bro doesn't use proper nouns

  3. Please put the name of the event in the title

  4. Europe litterally created the saying:
    All roads lead to Rome
    we got your reference dw

    That shit already existed way before America was even founded tsssk…

  5. and once again, levy was correct about nepo!

  6. Why do female players have a much lower ELO?

  7. Can you just order the video like first men and then women games or reverse but not mixed

  8. I love the name Humpy… I also love how Humpy is leading the game… you say Humpy is old at 35 (Fak-q) but I digress… go Humpy

  9. Nepo sleeper 2nd best of the world under Magnus rn

  10. This might be out of context,but why do people ask what is en passant when they could basically just search it????

  11. oh please do a different setup for the interview. where both of you can sit relaxed. and go Joe Rogan on the interview! we need some badass insight on the history of Ian Nepomniachtchi! also don't be afraid to ask a question again but in russian if he doesn't understand it clearly.

  12. I didn't expected that hikaru wouldn't even win a single game till 4 rounds

  13. God damn I missed on the discount god damn. Good vid though

  14. Why are your videos so long I lkied the old levy you suck tbh

  15. "I know Europeans don't drive cars as much …" confused German noises

  16. Absolutly terrible by Anna muzychuk, that endgames is so well known, how is she in the candidates and doesnt know thate endgame??? Terrible

  17. Genuine question Levy, do you think it's time for Chess to introduce 3 points for a win and 1 for a draw? Football (soccer…) did this I think in the 80s to increase the jeopardy of playing for a draw, rather than having 2 for a win / 1 for a draw. Would be good to hear your thoughts on this as a proposal!

  18. Why is the time control different in the open and womens section?

  19. I love that you're covering an equal amount of games from the womens section! ❤

  20. Levy tremendous job. Your recaps are first rate and I enjoy them. Pragg is dangerous. He will likely make a deep run. Ten rounds to go and Fabi a half point back still right there. Nepo looking solid – exciting tournament

  21. The idea of Ra3 is it's the top engine move. Cash or venmo?

  22. Levi’s title for the Ian interview. “Nepo killed how many people??!!!” 😂

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