ChatGPT vs Stockfish

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  1. chatgpt;we sacrifice the KINGGGGGGGGGGG

  2. "And stock fish takes the king" I couldn't stop laughing after that

  3. And he sacrificed

  4. And then he sacrificed…. THE KINGGGGG

  5. its hilarious how he resist to burst in laughing when he Say: "capturing his own bishop"

  6. Nobody:Never let them know your next move
    Chatgpt: and I took that personally Jordan meme😂

  7. "Pawn from non existence" got me rollin on the floor

  8. ChatGPTs behaviour in Chess is like Japan in WW2 😂😂😂

  9. I just realised
    Maybe it move through the 4th dimension
    So time 🤔

  10. "And it beat Stockfish"

    chat gpt losing in the end

  11. Chat gpt takes stockfish and makes it stock gpt

  12. and stockfick took the king 😂😂😂😂

  13. A noob here can someone tell what is stockfish it's different than AI?

  14. Ghat GPT sees what you can't, really a multidimensional being

  15. Chatgpt – still have brilliant move but i don't want to show it 😏
    Stockfish – please Mr. GPT tell me
    Chatgpt – that's too dam bad ! U keep playing 😤
    Stockfish – plz plz plz
    Chatgpt – ok gonna tell u
    Stockfish – yes ! Tell me

    Chatgpt – Summoning QUEEN 👑 😂
    Stockfish – 😭😭😭😭

  16. even stockfish learned to take the king

  17. Start: ChatGPT beat Stockfish
    End: Stockfish takes the king
    …. huh?

  18. im new to chess,how to be better at this game

  19. When your teacher is explaining and you trying to hold your laugh

  20. Should have used gpt4 and send the picture of the match for it, mayb could have avoid the non existed move

  21. The pawn became 18 at the wrong time

  22. How did the chat GPT end up with an extra bishop, rook, and +2 pawns?

  23. Chatgpt is disaster in chess 😂😂

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