HE WONNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. In the year 3000 when all the footage has been lost through a malware hack on the mainframe encrypyting and decrypting the data while dividing all the bits /2 until the only digital footage that remains of the GOAT, the all time, the MOZART of CHESS, is Magnus walking by a lake lmao. They gonna be so fucking gutted thats all that is left.

  2. Dubov got robbed :(. Other players do the berlin draw all the time. The horse dance was in a way more honest, it didnt try to hide it was an agreed upon draw. Fide is just ridiculous, clown org. The whole female player situation in the rapid, where the rules are different than for the men. The whole situation with Firouzja setting up a random tournament to get into the candidates. The woman that got a fine cause of her normal shoes. If fide was a serious organisation, its' rules would avoid any of this or at least it would take reasonable and consistent decisions. Shame such a rational game has such an irrational joke of an organisation.

  3. Huge W for 17 world titles…insane run!

    But Huge W for MVL…cause I believe Levy mentioned that people stopped playing into that opening against Magnus since it was Magnus' bread and butter…so not only was he Magnus' only loss, MVL did it against Magnus' strong defense!

  4. Ban lakes at events, it obviously gave Magnus an advantage

  5. You are helping to get more young people involved in chess you are a chess hero ❤

  6. Why is every vid about Magnus now I'm kind of sick of it

  7. "Milking Magnus for content"

    And it is some damn fine milk.

  8. Didn't yell when Maxim sacrificed THE ROOKKK!!! 😂😂

  9. “Its pushin p, nevermind it’s pushing d, pause” – Gotham Chess

  10. If he ever does that women chess video, he better mention histories best, Beth Harlesen

  11. At this moment the top 4 players in the World are Magnus, drunk Magnus, sick Magnus, and shirtless Magnus.

  12. There's no way Dubov would compete for champion title if he and Ian hided that they want to make draw (and played Berlin like every smart player)

  13. MVL's games are always so enjoyable to watch.

  14. That’s what we call an “INTERESTING” streak

  15. Levy never fails to immediately spoil the outcome of the video

  16. Funny, that if Nepo played against Dubov something like Berlin draw. There would’ve been tiebreak for first

  17. won the classic also this year…. triple champion

  18. this was exciting! Thank you for your recap!

  19. Levy never fails to include 7 magnus games in 1 video

  20. Levy in the video: “will Magnus be able to bounce back?”

    Levy’s title: “HE WON! HE WON! HE WON!!!”

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