HE WONNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Why is women's chess separate? It makes no sense. There is no biological disadvantage. It should be a mixed gender tournament

  2. 1:04 Levy its disrepute, not disrespute. You said it wrong yesterday too while reading the letter. Apologies for being pedantic. Keep up the good work!

  3. I've always sucked at chess and never wanted to get better.

    I love your videos. I love how you cover chess. I love how passionate you are.

    You make chess exciting and understandable in a way no one has done since the advent of the internet (I'm sure there was some great radio announcer 60 years ago or something, but you're the best I've ever known).

  4. magnus sure is milking levy. so kind for levy to bring attension to small chess players such as magnus carlson

  5. Show him the lake and all fellas start to shake 😱😱😱

  6. Dubov is a beast but got punished by the trolling

  7. I like how levi uses his queen like a knight he literally made queen the piece that can replace all

  8. I feel at this point you should be paying Magnus some commission from all these videos 🙃

  9. "i dont watch a lot of games with black" – levy
    Somethings fishy 🐟

  10. WHY????????????????????????????
    Why didnt u cover the Humpy Koneru vs Alexandra Konsteniuk game of the penultimate round? That was SOOO epic (Just check it out). It was the real reason Konsteniuk got the chance to possibly beat Gunina after Gunina losing herself in the 15th round. Ur a pile of garbage if you dont cover that game.

  11. Why would i buy a chess course from a guy who has lost to Andrea Botez multiple time..? She is quite beautiful but lets face it her real chess strength is about 1300 and I’m being generous

  12. Everyone a couple months ago: “Is this the end of the Magnus era? He’s playing worse than ever and seems to be going down”. Well… the last couple months…

  13. What a year 2023! With chess beautiful as ever. Looking forward to more 'THE ROOK' sacs, more Botez gambits, more brilliant moves, more insane guess the Elo episodes in 2024.
    What a memorable year we've had in chess, especially Magnus Carlsen

  14. Dubov almost wins but he was busy teaching Ian how knights move.

  15. Magnus won 33 of 34 games of OTB chess. Interesting 🤔
    – Kramnik

  16. stop making every video a 30 min video man, i literally play you in 2x

  17. Credit to MVL for unlocking the beast within Magnus. Just like John Wick needed motivation to make a comeback, Magnus got that motivation as well.

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