I am back competing at otb chess and I’m so excited!! I’m playing Rilton Elo, which is a tournament in Stockholm for people under 2200 and my goal is to win the whole thing 😀 this is the recap of round 3 – hope you enjoy!!

Wanna watch this live?
Wanna watch all of my mom’s commentary?

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  1. Good job Anna!!! I'm so happy for you.
    God bless and happy new year.

  2. Well done, Anna!… It`s a blitz… Cheqmate… ❤❤❤

  3. Very exciting to watch. Congratulations on your win Anna!

  4. Awesome game, mom's reaction was priceless! What a beautiful moment! Good luck on your next game!

  5. Brilliant! Such a good game to watch.
    Didn't see it live but saw your mom's video – excellent!
    Best of luck on New Year's Eve! 😊👍

  6. Hi there! I’m following all your games live with your mum and I’m enjoying it a lot thx for all and, of course, best of luck. I wish you had some time on these recap videos to talk a bit more about the rest of the players: who are the ones on top, who you see as your toughest opponents, something about the most promising kids ( I see a lot of 11-13yo players), about Julia and who she’s playing…. Thx for considering it!

  7. Very well done Anna!
    That seemed to be a brilliant game by you from start to finish.
    I hope you can keep it up!
    Best wishes for today's game!

  8. Thank you for covering another tournament like this! Very cool format! And cranberry 😂😂

  9. Lol shenanigans is not a chess term. If you count all languages I'm sure she understands many more words than me though

  10. I wonder if his strategy was to try to put Anna in time trouble.
    In that case, he prepped an untypical opening, and continued blitzing moves by intuition when they were no longer on theory.

    That worked to some extent (Anna burned through a lot of clock), but quick moves against a player 150 points higher was also digging himself a hole. When she went B4, he probably realized that he needed to shift gears before he created a hopeless situation for himself.

  11. Love the comments from your mom. It adds a lot of fun

  12. Pia is just happy you leave the cow opening for YouTube😀

  13. I loved the mom reactions…the second best thing about this game.

    But the absolute best thing I loved was your ability to find the right moves…despite his blitzing out moves early while you was burning time to find your moves…to you getting the upper hand as play continued. Bravo!

  14. Good luck if the game isn't already over. Would like to see standings – there can't be that many people ahead of you now. Love the long, slow conversions.

  15. Good…, & stressful, so, please be confident & determined to keep playing with wise moves. 🌹

  16. I think by "winning the whole thing", she meant her division. She is in the Below 2200 division. There are many grand masters in the tournament in a higher division than her. She is a 2K and so far she has only played lower ranked players than her, and having a tough time of it.

  17. it was nice to him to allow her to make the mate rather than resigning…

  18. The dude's sleeve roll…lol. that was a thing in the US back in the 90s, is that popular in Sweden?

  19. That is an amazingly well played win. What a journey so far and best of luck for tomorrow!

  20. Good luck for tomorrow, you’re a breath of fresh air

  21. Grattis Anna!

    Una partida muy interesante. Feliz 2024.

  22. 3 WINS – 0 LOSS – 1 DRAW
    K E E P U P L A D Y A N N A !!!

  23. @Anna – on your tournaments, are you willinh to do your cow opening or is that just a gimmick move that is not good to do on tournaments or competitive matche?

  24. As a Benko player, the declined lines give me the most trouble. I know b6 is something that leads to positions I’m uncomfortable playing.

  25. Well done Anna !! I like learning from your wins and mistakes!

  26. Your mom's reaction is priceless! Congrats Anna!

  27. Shenanigans is a chess term. Who knew? 🤣🤣😂😂

  28. Great game Anna! Happy new Year 2024 ! All the best for you and Pia (your GM mom) as you seem to make a great duo !

  29. How have you never won a tournament Anna?! Surely you won as a youngster or when having a lower grade?!

  30. Glad Anna got her spaghetti food fuel before the game…great game Anna!

  31. Fantastic,lovely reactions from your Mum.Well done!

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