Hikaru accused of cheating AGAIN????

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  1. Kramnik needs a family or some shit my god

  2. Day two asking for a scotch course with the potter variation

  3. The chess never fails to speak for itself

  4. so TLDR Kramnik made the very fucking basic error of assuming all games are equal and independant

  5. 10:40, number 2, is a great great point. I play 3/0 all the time, just got my rating over 1400 (yay me). I get stressed when time is low playing some random from Croatia. But if I was playing Hikaru, nerves would be off the scale. I’d imagine it’s the case for most people. Not too dissimilar than playing Magnus.

  6. he has been taking lessons from mike lindell

  7. He is definitely cheating. No one can beat Djokovic that many times in a row.

  8. I mean this shit is crazy. If Hikaru was cheating, that would be crazy. If he knows he 100% didn’t cheat, then he’s sitting there like “wtf man, I play and crush and I get accused? Fuck that, lemme blow up some other people who has “interesting” games”.

    And yes that was a quote, within a quote. I’m high 😂😂

  9. None is investigating Kramnik game as he is losing most of the games!!

  10. Magnus simply withdrew from a tournament and that was taken as an accusation and taken to court for 100M$, but personally digging and pointing out stats as suspicious and demanding an investigation is not accusing of cheating??? 🤣 You honor I never Robbed that bank, I simply went in and asked them to give me all of the money and they did…

  11. imo kramnik was like accusing hikaru at the start but now trying to say hes not and still trying to push the fact that he is accusing hikaru

  12. Wah Wah Wah, crying like a baby. He's better than me so he must be cheating!

  13. what a prolific online cheater, consistently cheating for years.shameless

  14. 7:00 If I beat 55 players ranked 200 Elo without losing that would be a infinite elo performance too because you need a winrate to calculate a elo score

  15. Duuuuuude, first comment on youtube, whilst heavy user. And frequent viewer of your videos, as its top content. Why waste a first here?

    I truly hope this channel does not turn into talk about the talks, commenting on comments and recycle. Fine to adress pressing topics from the community and guide unawares.

    But the last 3 out of 5 last videos going down this rabbit hole strike my heart and i pray thats not your new strategic direction, but rather defending your friend/idol/phoenix.

    Please keep up brilliant work and dont seduce into mainstream easy way.

  16. Maybe one conclusion is that Hikaru's opponents aren't cheating as successfully when playing him as they are otherwise and their ratings are actually lower when they don't cheat.

  17. Will this develop to a defemation lawsuit?

  18. Seem these dramas only benefit levy and hikaru 😂😂😂

  19. New idea: Hikaru has to play blindfolded titled Tuesday while Gotham reads him the board

  20. Ok one final point – most of Hikaru's streaks were against the same opponents playing long sets of games. We've acknowledged that players might tilt in those circumstances, etc. But let's also look at the elephant in the room: the MATCHUP. Players in every sport or game match up better against certain opponents. We can find absolute statistical significance in many, many matchups across different types of games, where a player outperforms their "expected" normal against a certain opponent. It can happen for a variety of reasons – psychological, stylistic, etc. It stands to reason that when Hikaru is "farming" (i.e., continuing to play win streaks because it makes for great content and improves his rating), he will absolutely choose to continue playing in advantageous scenarios. And we can also clearly see (look at the data, Kramnik!) that when Hikaru plays opponents and his streaks are bad, he abandons them and finds better options. He is literally choosing scenarios where he's more likely to win long streaks! I promise you that if you compare these streaks against tournaments or other formats where he's playing a broad mix of opponents, he will perform far lower against the mix of opponents.

  21. Kramnik forgot to account NNN in in his calculations for Hikarus performance this month

  22. Why can't we talk about the streaks in which Hikaru UNDERperformed, rather than just cherrypicking his best results out of a large sample size?

  23. Chess GrandMasters knows that thumbnail was Changed

  24. So Kramnik, you play Hikaru in 3-0 chess and if he beats you 10 games in a row, will you shut up? 20 games? I’ve watched Mr. Magic play during these streaks and he rarely sits and thinks. He is eating, drinking, and carrying on a dialogue with people online. And, he admits to making mistakes while he is playing, but he always recovers. Some of his opponents resign way too early imo. I don’t see how he could be cheating. Kramniks “statistics are junk science” and he doesn’t know anything about calculating probabilities.

  25. This isn't a cheating scandal, it's a tweeting scandal.

  26. Kramnik and Hikaru should settle this over the board

  27. Can Naka defeat levy 46 times in a row ? Prob without a queen, kramnik needs a life

  28. Kramnik is living proof that chess ability and intelligence are two completely separate things.

  29. I see three different titles on this video. Glad this channel goes one per day.

  30. I miss the days where Gotham and Hikaru collaborated. It's nice to see Levy speaking in defense of Hikaru a bit, they really had great chemistry along with Anna back in the day. I'm just a bit nostalgic I guess. lol

  31. I'm an engineer and Kramnik's analysis just hurts me. He's clearly an extremely logic-based person, and yet, he seems so blinded by his own bias. He keeps using terms explaining that it's not opinion, it's math – and yet when you apply math or statistical analysis so poorly, it's just opinion. The irony is what hurts. He clearly believes his "common sense" about math is meaningful, but yet he doesn't apply real, rigorous statistical techniques, and we're left with a man who is driven by passion over logic, and explains it via logic.

  32. That's not news – this is news – "Reason behind Anna Wintour's alleged snubbing of Kim Kardashian revealed"

  33. this Karamaki guy thinks he is cool or something?!

  34. Hikaru: beats a player an average of 300 points lower than him at a average move accuracy of like 85% to a player whos playing at average 75-80%
    Kramnik: tbh i just dont know how hikaru can beat a player hes suppose to beat that many times in a row

  35. You should collab with Stand Up Maths. He'd do the simulation for you.

  36. Vlad is not glad about hikaru's run!😅

  37. But likeeeeeeee where’s the magnus stuff?

  38. hikaru is so good kramnik thinks he's cheating !

  39. This isn't how statistics work. How many games does Hikaru play? If you play 3 minute games every 5 minutes for 40 hours a week, that's 800 games a week. In 60 days, it's 6,400 games. Let's round down to about 5000.

    A run of 50 games that happens 1/100 times in his career should be EXPECTED to happen in that timespan. And in some 60 day periods it'll happen 5 times. In others, not at all. Statistics are like that. 1% odds are not that low in a large sample size.

  40. Wait, Djokovic is a tennis grand master AND really good at chess too?

  41. Amazon delivered a copy of your book today. Impressive work! (the book, not Amazon) Looking forward to reading and learning.

  42. Too much Drama.
    Hikaru should file a suit against him!

  43. With all due respect to Wladimir Kramnik, but he simply has no clue. He cannot say, "I'm not saying that Hikaru Nakamura is cheating, but hey! Here are all the reasons why he definitely doesn't play fair and is cheating!" And then he takes statistics without understanding them and says, "These are my proofs." And when data scientists step in, he says everything is lies? In the future, I will trust Kramnik as much as someone who claims not to be racist and then kicks anyone with a different skin color in the face.

  44. I played hikaru in a 10 match set.. he won a few.. i also believe 100% that hes a cheater

  45. Kramnik: Can you give us your family name?
    Mr. Mathematician: My name is Hank Hill. Mr. Hank Hill. Peggy married me.

  46. It seems Kramnik is not interesting any more by playing chess so he tries to make some other noise. It will not be really beneficial for him.

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