Hikaru Checkmates with a Rook & Knight

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  1. The speed went same as my rated opponents..

  2. First was Scandinavian defendse i would recommend caro kann but i like to play french defense or scillian

  3. Bros hand is flash i Bearley can think that fast 💀

  4. Kon kon sirf mobile pe he kal skta ha oh bi randomly our muja inka rel chess ma ganth koch samja nhi ata 😂

  5. If I play chess on hikaru you I would be dead 😮

  6. Nope it's wrong not only rook and knight. King is also important otherwise he can easily kill rook and knight can do nothing

  7. i thought i heard gunshots but it was them banging the clock

  8. Am i the only one watching grandpe?😂❤ Love the reaction of him

  9. 💔💔💔Allah Is helpless…. In heavens… Ur hands ur money… Ur Fate… Any 1 gave supaari in fams… Ask

  10. Hikaru missed mate in 2 when the kings were directly across from each other on the back rank. It goes Rh8 check then white would block with Rg8 then Rook takes Rook is mate.

  11. Actually there is a harsh truth lf chess, there is no importance given by chess players to king. If king is there, you win. If king is not there, you lose. Also the king is the only one which can help a queen to checkmate, knight and rook to checkmate and bishops to checkmate. Salute to king 😢

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