How did hikaru calculate this?

Watch hikaru make insane calculations whilst solving a difficult puzzle.

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  1. It’s actually an old very well known puzzle that mikhail tal was the first one to solve,and if I (1400 elo) am aware of it,of course hikaru is too… Him acting like he wasn’t familiar with it is the only thing interesting about this video,hate that kind of BS tbh..

  2. this is the first time I've understood what hikaru said

  3. Me if I sac knight there I will win then the bishop from a 100 is ready to ruin what I thought was my best move the whole game

  4. I enjoy this short as a chess nerd, but also as somewhat of a math nerd because this is a p=np problem as well. Obvious to tell why those are the right move, difficult to find them in the first place.


  6. He went to endgame calculating that??!!

  7. Ehere here eheere yess yess yess and here

  8. My dad said it is a "Regular chess player think" 💀

  9. you know you're f**ked when Hikaru starts saying "here, here, here, there, takes here, takes here, there, here, here"

  10. this is how you play chess here here there there win the game

  11. Me: here here here here here here
    Opponent: mate

  12. actually very straightforward to understand but would probably take me a year to see the sac and fork idea

  13. What's the point of g5? Why not just promote?

  14. Guy: Wheres the nearest gas station?
    Hikaru: Here here here here here there there here… got it? Yes yes yes very good!

  15. The problem with moving with speed of light is you increase your mass

  16. “FREDDY FAZBEAR!!” Hikaru joined the chat:

  17. How long do I have to play chess to understand this video?


  18. Хер хер хер хер…херовый план

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