Hikaru is OVER 2900 With Crappy Openings! | Disrespect Speedrun 50

Hikaru’s talking trash and racing for Elo playing disrespectful openings! Part 50

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  1. Would be cool if he could change his name to TheFiftyTTime

  2. "If I remember the basics and remember that he's a bad chess player and I"m better than him" lmaooo

  3. I don't get used to see Hikaru disrespecting people hahaha He's such a nice guy!

  4. when hikaru plays your main opening in the speedrun o-o

  5. Dude are you serious do you really think I care about you

  6. Who ever designs your thumbnails needs a raise💯💯

  7. Bad chess playing for us: below 1000
    Bad chess players for Hikaru: more than 2700 rated chess masters

  8. Random Person: Who is he?

    Me: Cristiano Nakamura

  9. hakari would never beat me in a game of chess

  10. Please never stop this speedrun series ❤

  11. What you call "crappy openings" gives Hikaru a significant advantage over top-notch players who have studied theory but cannot think as quickly as Hikaru when hit with positions they haven't memorized/studied. Hikaru might not so easily get away with that strategy in across-the-board classic chess. Meanwhile, it looks like Hikaro has fully figured out that there is wayyyyyyyy more money in creating emotional internet content than there is in being a world-class chess player…and of course, he is both.

  12. The disrespect series is my favorite YouTube content. Inspires me as a terrible player to win anyway in the endgame by way of disrespect.

  13. mi imamo zelju da zavladamo na samo japanom vec i ostalim zemljama. kazemo da siptari imaju misiju da se naprndache a mi haahahah srbi. hocemo da se zarati u japanu a mi da osjemenimo nase zene.

  14. petition for hikaru to shave his beard into a mustache to complete the dr.disrespect look

  15. Getting to 2500 with no quenn was much more impressive btw

  16. Saw the Youtube thumbnail and just had to say…SIUUUU

  17. Hikaru i have a challenge for you, defeat Martin without moving your pawns

  18. Low key hate that the internet allows people to say things about people they’d never dare say to their face. Guarantee in the 90s-00s, someone like Hikaru would’ve been punched in the teeth for talking half this smack. 😮‍💨

  19. i love the way the laughing is edited in the opening makes Hikaru seems like a elo stealing psychopath

  20. 6:29 Hikaru, “Like I said this guy is just terrible chess…, how do you hang your pawn like that”Imagine being 2823 rated player just to called "terrible" for just hanging a pawn 💀

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