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Good day established and honored guests. It is I, Lucius of Thy Noteworthy. In this display of moving visual images, I will embark upon a journey of 100 games of chess, all played on the website Chess.com. Enjoy!

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Thumbnail Art – Maeder

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  1. You should do a vid where you play against subscribers

  2. I feel like you should do FPS chess 100 games

  3. Hes not horrible at chess, but definitely better in Minecraft

  4. Petition for hikaru or levy to watch this video on live stream 😂

  5. As a Gentleman, This Is Very Notable. Truly a Checkmate Move. ♟

  6. BTW the so called bishop opening is not the real version of the opening. You can look it up the real 4 move chess opening is called the scholars mate

  7. I love stalemates man, god bless the person who made chess

  8. Mr. Thenotable, you should do risk of rain 2 100 drops 👍

  9. You managed to get a fool's mate multiple times… nice

  10. “You don’t need a bloodbath to win in chess”

  11. Truly a notable achievement, well done Luke's floating head.

  12. So everyone in the world having a chess phase rn?

  13. I can’t believe it is not 30 minutes😢

  14. whats next? 100 games google tic tac toe? i hope so XD

  15. im not saying you are ugle but a disinbody head flowing around the screen donent really work

  16. can you do 100 matches Counter strike : Global offensive?

  17. Is it weird that I watched as I ate chicken tenders with a fork and knife

  18. Exquisite. Are you gonna do another 100 drops

  19. What next a 100 games of smash bros ultimate

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