Hikaru Pranks Magnus Carlsen

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  1. I clicked thinking the highlight would be the Hikaru x Magnus game…Boy, I was wrong!

    Levy enthusiasm in the Firouzja game is priceless!

  2. I’m on the toilet and my phone buffered on the first frame please spare me the gaze

  3. Samay raina played 2 back to back kings gambit against magnus during stream in covid 😂😂 though samay is only a 1600

  4. Getting only 140k views on a Magnus vs Hikaru game is pathetic we both know this, Levy. Change the title to "Hikaru trolls Magnus" and watch the money flood in. Also put your face in the damn thumbnail.

  5. San Francisco catching strays😂😂 Cali is run to the ground

  6. Если бы Фируджа знал немецкий, он говорил бы цвишенцуг, а не звишензуг.

  7. levy how is your eye it doesnt blink that great in this video

  8. Lol, Samay also played kings gambit against magnus

  9. Sort of like a 700 player running out of explorer options.

  10. HI LEVY

  11. Magnus will be number one tomorrow and everyone will act shocked.

  12. Aren't you an international master? So how do you say you're not chess player

  13. firo is full of fire and blood in his veins, his games just show the adrenaline he has in his spirit!

  14. Did that first match only take them 1.5 minutes?! I'm probably missing something

  15. they were complaining about your intro being long because the tags you made in the video says "intro" for 8 minutes of the vid then " magnus watch this part" for the last two

  16. Gotta love how Levy is looking the wrong way 💀

  17. Bro, did you just learn what the word "existential" means about 2 weeks ago? I've never heard you utter it even once until then, and now I don't think a single video has gone by where you haven't used it in the past few weeks. In this video you say it at least twice and I'm only 7 minutes in at this point. Seriously, it's weird.

  18. Anyone who clicked off after the Magnus game you did, in fact, miss some sexy stuff

  19. he played it with samay raina if anyone knows about it😂 he knew the theory

  20. That first game really make me laugh, i remember levy saying to take your time but this two legends didn’t even takes that much time to make a moves and out of a sudden it is a draw .

  21. This has been a fun tournament so far. Love the lineup, and some great fighting matches.

  22. I wonder how Alireza's queen felt when he sacrificed her to replace her with a new queen.

  23. Bro ain't paying the mods enough to put time lapses💀

  24. Alternative Ttile: Streamer pranks poker player.

  25. OMG Caruana and Alireza's games were ones for the history books

  26. You’d think for an audience of viewers of people who for the most part play a board game that requires lots of patience, they would be able to not bitch about a slightly longer intro in a YouTube video

  27. as a 400 rated GM i can confirm the intro is not long anymore!

  28. “Not San Francisco. That place is trash.” 😂 True that.

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