Hikaru Pranks Magnus Carlsen

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  1. The “Zwischenzug“-pronunciation is just on point 😂😂

  2. I think it's quite sad that the Marshall Attack in the Ruy Lopez is now so heavily mapped at GM level that it's practically a dead draw. When I was growing up in the 1990s, as with many of the better gambits that Black can try, it was considered very dangerous but near the margins of soundness, and a good weapon for the attacking player. Of course it still offers plenty of play at club level, but at club level opponents are likely to deviate before move 8 in most cases.

  3. I like how instead of saying z subscribe you say get out of here haha

  4. it’s honestly just really disappointing too that they decided to draw in classical because their styles of play clash in a way that would be brilliant with Hikaru being a defensive genius and Magnus able to squeeze blood from a stone and always find a way in

  5. bro i enjoy your videos but always at the end you ruin it by saying get out of here ffs

  6. Great video, thank you, Gotham. Please don't alter your intros, long or otherwise. It's in your informative intros that you set the scene, you tell the story, you put the actors in their starting positions, and often give some fascinating insight into not only the current state of play in chess, but also historical considerations as well. Your videos are perfect!

  7. Alireza doesn't disappoint, love how he finds move that an amateur would not even consider to flip the table

  8. So far the best games this year. And of course, Levy with the awesome commentary! Keep it up brother!

  9. Levy it's been 3 months since i started playing chess amd thanks to your videos i am at 1400 now, dw ill give you fire games once i reach the top level but you gotta wait not much though only about 10 years

  10. They are trying to win a tourney, not waste all their energy attempting to get a win every game. Game theory bois

  11. This more quiet levy is like chael sonnen of chess

  12. I really wished for more information about the event in the description of the video. Some links maybe?

  13. Samay Raina played Kings Gambit against Magnus Carlsen😂

  14. that alireza game, was, crazy. your commentary is getting really, really good Levy, it is the grind paying off. thank you for all your hard work.

  15. Magnus is bored about chess, now he is just for entertainement and selling sneakers

  16. as a spectator, watching two giants finishing a 4 hour game in 10 minutes is quite something

  17. Fun fact, Samay Raina played the King's Gambit against Magnus Carlsen, 2 years ago, and lost in spectacular fashion, Blunder Master for a reason!

  18. Death to chess? Dude shut the fuck up holy shit

  19. That Classical match was just a silent protest

  20. " I'm not a chess player, I'm a content creator " – Levy 2023

  21. They played 10 minutes in a classical match

  22. Did Levy mirror his camera? Everything looks backwards

  23. Fabiano and Alireza, ranked 1 and 2 in the event respectively, play on Saturday?? YES PLEASE

  24. I don’t blame them. I couldn’t sit and stare at the same game for hours either

  25. Who the hell is the new no 3 in the world? You said you were gonna say it. What happened you Bozo

  26. As a GM (8 elo) I can confirm this is one of the moments of all time

  27. That was some lovely chess. Good commentary, Mr. Levy. Balanced, not a lot of over the top histrionics, but emphasis where called for. Nice. Thank you!

  28. I don’t think anyone should take classic chess in a competitive setting serious anymore. Play classic to get good at blitz and rapid. Too much of a nightmare to be certain there is no cheating.

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