Hikaru Seeks Revenge v. Magnus As MVL, Nepo, Alireza & Anish Also Star On Day 1 | AI Cup 2023

The inaugural AI Cup is the 6th and last regular event as the race to reach the $2 million Champions Chess Tour Finals reaches its climax! World no. 1 Magnus Carlsen takes on world no. 3 Hikaru Nakamura on Day 1. Watch the action:

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  1. Commentators were just awful. Why are you showing a draw instead of the Magnus/Hikaru game that ended in a win?

  2. "Do you consider Hikaru your main rival in online chess?"

    Magnus: In terms of rivals there are tiers. The first tier is no rivals. And then a little bit after that is Hikaru. He is the second after no rivals.

  3. I’m here just to gauge Simon Williams’ demeanor… You can tell he’s tanked over the pressure lol

  4. It's funny how people try to create a rivalry between Hikaru and Magnus even though, as far as I can remember, Hikaru only managed to win one single series in SCC against Magnus. On any other stage, Hikaru didn't have any winning chances. They are both great chess players but please.. it is not even close between those two.

  5. the chat had more aids than usual this day

  6. Losers bracket is going to be pretty insane.

  7. Hikaku is psychologically damaged after his loss to Magnus in the SCC. He will not recover in this short time. His fear in playing Magnus was clearly manifested when he should have continued playing in the 2nd game but instead opted for a timid draw. He may recover only after Christmas.

  8. The broadcast should focus on one match. I feel like too much gets missed when switching between matches. Then you could have multiple broadcasts idk.

  9. Must be tough for GM Simon Williams to stay focused after everything that's going on with his involvement in the pension scam.

  10. I got into chess about 2 years ago. I never could have imagined that I would enjoy watching chess as much as I enjoy watching sports. The past couple years have been an amazing (watching the Super GMs) and humbling (playing and not being very good) experience. I love this game!

  11. its crazy how many chess event is happening at the same time

  12. Magnus ‘No Rivals’ Carlsen does it again!!

  13. 2:36:15 Hicaru started meditating right after the game without giving a damn about his loss. What an absolute Chad!

  14. I guess the stress that those guys get is the decisive factor. A lot of Legendary Icons are slaves of stress. ⛔

  15. Magnus is so good, that de wold championship without him is the Lame Championship.
    Besides, the format is old and rusty, only 1 6-hour game per day….booooring.
    cheers from España.

  16. The main event being Hikaru vs Magnus and we completely missed out how Magnus won that first game. And commentators even talking about how they won't be able to take their eyes of that main match before the start. And then they hardly even show the game at all. Kind of disappointing

  17. Have kept the chat replay on as i am watching this a day after it was streamed – there's all sorts of constant disrespectful, insulting and lowkey hateful comments towards Tania Sachdev – to be clear – obviously it's within the rights of a person to say they don't like any particular commentator, as long as it's not disrespectful and insulting with an intent to be so – but these are like really disgusting personal attacks – and these fellas are obvious trolls – and the point is – ir's explicitly stated in the Chat Rules – do not disrespect the commentators – these comments are way beyond disrespect – they are basically rotten hate filled personal attacks – and the point is – they're getting away with it – so essentially the mods are completely useless – those rules are for cosmetic purposes only and don't have any actual significance – and any anonymous (for all practical purposes) person can keep constantly passing hateful, insolent, filthy, often vulgar and insulting personal attacks on a particular commentator, shamelessly constantly and repeatedly with a clear intent to troll and provoke – and really there's no consequences at all. And the trolls know it too. Shame on them and as far as the moderators are concerned, how are ya'll ok with yourselves doing your job in a way that cannot even be described as rubbish – because ya'll ain't even beginning to do your jobs. Besides this there's also a constant barrage of comments by obvious trolls trying to agitate/trigger – essentially that chat is a cesspool of crap – and the mods may as well just not be there at all. – would literally make zero difference – for shame @chess24 =Don't worry about these rotten excuses for human beings, Tania Sachdev. You're a brilliant commentator and You consistently bring it and do a fantastic job. Same to all the commentators – i dunno how ya'll keep your cool with the douchebags in chat getting away with just about anything and non-existent non-effective mods – when, in the end, you literally have a bot trying to defend the commentators from rotten filthy excuses for human beings (i'm willing to bet 100% male) trolls – because the humans whose job it is to do this are nowhere to be seen – on a channel like Chess24 – the future of humanity looks pretty dim.Anyways – best kudos to the commentary team – Keep doing it. God Bless You

  18. Nothing personal but why is she always screaming? Makes it hard to concentrate on the chess

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