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  1. It is still interesting, Levy. Because the sell is on the "how" factor more than the "who." I could be wrong, but a sole dominance doesn't seem to keep me away from watching every tournament that Magnus plays because it is still intriguing, inspiring, and entertaining. Also, thank you for another great video!

  2. The day Stockfish got his last name…

  3. 🤔Levy's final question here reminds me of my own intense internal crisis …. Do i eat all the cheesecake and be happily sick? or do i eat no cheesecake and be unhappily happy? 🤔

  4. Hikaru worked to become the most popular chess player in the world.
    Magnus worked to become the best chess player in the world.
    This recap, and the outcome of it, shows that they both got what they toiled for.

  5. In Nakamura's recap of this match on his channel, he didn't even know why he offered the draw in that second game. Also said overall he wasn't feeling sharp during the match.

  6. it's not about knowing he will dominate. it's looking out for the moment that he gets dominated.

  7. Magnus is only good because he is watching levy everyday. He should really consider levy as his idol

  8. I like Magnus obliterated everyone, don’t ever change Magnus❤

  9. I would prefer a Magnus vicrory was not a foregone conclusion. A Magnus-Hikaru rivalry would be amazing. ALSO, can you recommend any books on How To Win At Chess?

  10. Magnus will loose probably the coming match after what he said.

  11. Honestly, I enjoy watching Magnus for a few reasons. It's funny to watch him look like a Smurf in high elo. Also, it's amazing to witness history as his reign continues

  12. I want magnus to lose some matches

  13. levy spoils the outcome at 2:20 that is disgusting and totally unprofessional, unsubbed immediately. naa just kidding, just wanted to be pinned.

  14. Imagine Gotham was in Harry Potter (chess scene) Sacrifice the ROOOOOOOOOOK!!!!!!

  15. Aliens are changing the clocks! Ding vs Carlsen 2024!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Finally, Magnus gets the credit deserved

  17. For the ending. It’s like a game i play’s esport team in EU. They win every tourney there’s no point in even watching

  18. Guys
    Am i seeing a jjk reference here with gojo and stuff ??
    Im scared bro

  19. I'm okay both ways. Rivalry is a great thing. Witnessing greatness and dominance far and beyond the field, a true S+ rank competitor like a Magnus, a Khabib, a Jon Jones, a Floyd Mayweather, is also something to behold.

  20. So, what did "Stockfish" had to do here?
    Levy : Yes

  21. What about kabob in MMA . No complaints there.? Everybody still watch the fight.

  22. Anyone else spot Levy on Kitchen Nightmares?

  23. Levy I fucking love you’re content. You’re responsible for my love of chess

  24. Well, he toyed Ian, he offer draw when he can actually win to hikaru, so we know he has facts to backing of what he has saying

  25. Magnus "I dont believe in fortresses" Carlsen, who casually builds fortress after fortress against Hikaru and holds

  26. At the risk of being called a nerd I would like to point out that “going out on your shield” is actually the correct way to say it, not going out on your sword

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