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Norway Chess:

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  1. I like how every video he makes his hair grows longer

  2. I loved the part when Levi said “it’s HIKARU time” and Hikarud all over himself. Truly one of the best chess moments in history

  3. Why isn’t Ding and Ian playing in this tournament? Are they to good?

  4. This is one of my top ten favorite recaps from you @gothamchess

  5. Whatever mode you feel like offering will be fine for us young bro.

  6. It was quite sad hearing the commentator say "Hikaru won against Tari as expected"

  7. "Please let me know…if you want me to act like a psychopath in every single video I record." Entertaining as it is, not every video. Having more videos where you are more relaxed is good too. Sorry about the headache though.

    "[Magnus] has not won a game of classical chess." I know. It's weird.

    6:55 To be fair, According to Stockfish, White has a fairly substantial advantage. That said, I think the position is holdable for Stockfish with black, but Anish isn't Stockfish.

  8. this one for when i’m trying to fall asleep, and the other one for when I’m not

  9. relaxed gotham in long form
    psycho gotham in shorts

  10. love the rapper gotham from last video, but also the relaxed gotham

  11. I like psychopath and calm levy. It's interesting to see the brain behind the monster.

  12. feel like people are forcing draws with magnus due to the fact that they'll gain rating points if they draw

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