This Smart Chess Board Will Blow Your Mind!

This is a smart chessboard aka the Square Off Grand Kingdom chess board and in this really cool chessboard, the pieces move automatically. It’s one of the coolest gadgets we have tested.

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Link to smart chessboard:



  1. It's of $430 dollars, more than 35k Indian rupees 🙏🏻🙂

  2. When you wanna play,
    but you're lazy af

  3. Ben k lwde Hindi me bhi video banaya kr

  4. 47153 rupees ka he dosto 🥲 mene ab tak PlayStation nahi khela ye kya lunga

  5. Welcome to another episode of things ur too much poor to buy 😅.

  6. I'm using app with video ads😂😂

  7. One question if I want to put my knight first then how ?

  8. Is this real chess board Or just s gimmick to bhoom our bank accounts?

  9. Pase jada ho to thike hai….nahe to mobile mai kame ho jata hai

  10. Technology:
    Making simple things difficult since 1801

  11. Playing Bullet with the AI must be interesting

  12. If they just added voicelines from hp, this would be worth it

  13. it's price is 44,499 rs blow my mind 😂

  14. I thought someone was moving the pieces with a magnet below the table 😂

  15. But what when horse has to move over the other piece

  16. What if I wanna play a 1min bullet game ?!

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