This Smart Chess Board Will Blow Your Mind!

This is a smart chessboard aka the Square Off Grand Kingdom chess board and in this really cool chessboard, the pieces move automatically. It’s one of the coolest gadgets we have tested.

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Link to smart chessboard:



  1. If it would some way cheaper I would bought it to my friends room and prank them

  2. Isko kharidte kharidte muh me aajayenge😂😂😂

  3. Its almost 50K
    I will sell my brain to buy that chess board and a smartphone for that app to run

  4. LOL , Hum usse bhi jyada smart hai .. 46,000 ka chess board nahi kharidenge .. 😅😅

  5. Free mobile apps laughing in the corner 😂😂

  6. How does the knight jump above other pieces🤔

  7. I will take this for scary my friend that iam playing with ghost

  8. With that price I will higher a GrandMaster to teach chess😂😂

  9. Will the knight jump if there's something in btw?😂😅

  10. Ye to bs 45000 ka h 😂😂
    Isse acha to dost ko bs paties ka lalach deke hi ghar bulakar khel lenge .

  11. Isme Mera Ghar jayenga
    Isme Mera Ghar chala jayenga

  12. How will knight move in blocked area 😌

  13. What this chess board do if we move the pawn into opponents territory and make it queen

  14. This product cost INR 44000 as of now
    I am starting to wondering whether or not there should be justification for such overpriced products
    Companies literally get away with anything…and before somebody points out the other companies…yes Apple and similar companies like them are to no exceptions.

    The question here is not at all about the affordability but a complete justification about the product's usefulness and quality.

  15. Price : 46990 ; tera ghar chale jayinga 😂

  16. Buy Just for show off..normal is more fun than this

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