How I almost died

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  1. One save 2 million lives saved from bad chest content

  2. Incorrect information
    Most Russian kids spend their day drinking vodka

  3. I’m just happy he said football and not soccer

  4. That's what Happens when you call it football and not soccer

  5. I felt he was gonna start game with that intro…
    Proceeds to tell the game where he sacrificed… HIS LIFE!

  6. This is funny.. The next short after this one, was Russians being "pounded" with bullets and grenades in Ukrainian trenches. Slava Ukraina!

  7. Drown to death you know since most people drown to life.

  8. That was a blunder but your sibling's move was brilliant

  9. bro gambited his life for development, how bold. such an alphazero move

  10. Do you happen to know a guy named doctor mike?

  11. Legends know it, the relative saw that his ROOK was missing and there he found levy

  12. Bro learnt the Russian Lake variation, life gambit, drowning variation

  13. of course it would Russians that swim in a -40° lake

  14. There is a new chessbot called mighty martin!
    Hes 500

  15. I literally just had a lifeguard exam so this spooked me

  16. He blundered his breath, hung his life and lost his dignity… BUT NATURE MISSED MATE IN ONEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

  17. I'm waiting for the part where he plays e4

  18. I figured vodka was involved somehow. Those silly Ruskies.

  19. Same experience, I was 13 and those villagers saved me . Near death experience was horrible and now I'm 33

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