How to play Less Chess

Learn the rules to the board game Less Chess quickly and concisely – This video has no distractions, just the rules.

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The object of the game is to be the first player to have 3 pieces simultaneously attacking their opponent’s king. Lay out the board. Each player takes a set of matching-colored pieces and deck. And places their king on its start square. Each player shuffles their deck and places it face down next to the board. The player with the white pieces goes first, then turns alternate.

On your turn, discard the top card of your deck, then either add that piece to the board by placing it on an empty square that is orthogonally adjacent to any of your pieces already in play, or you may move a piece that is already on the board as indicated by the card.

Pieces move the same as in regular chess, except for these changes, for a refresher of those rules, check out this video. There is no check or checkmate. You may capture pieces like normal, but the king may not move, capture, or be captured. Pawns are not allowed their initial double step move option, therefore, en passant is not allowed. Pawns promote when reaching the other side of the board. Castling is not allowed. You are allowed to move even if your king is attacked.

If, on your turn, you are unable to place a piece or move a piece, then the game ends in a draw. If you run out of cards, flip your discard pile over, without shuffling it, into a new draw deck. After placing or moving a piece, you then count the number of attacks on your opponent’s king. If you have 3 simultaneous attacks, then you win. If both players have 3 simultaneous attacks, then the game ends in a draw.


  1. Funtime Foxy (ItsColdPlayz) and Elizabeth Afton says:

    More chess when?

  2. The title made it seem like it was gonna solve my endless need for chess lmao

  3. (A Joke) Crazy Chess
    Goal:Checkmate,Capture the king or Check 20 times
    Knights Can Capture Multiple times in 1 turn when capturing a piece
    Capturing is Forced
    If there is more than 1 Capture available,Pick 1
    If you can capture but it's illegal,you have to do it
    Captures are atomic captures
    Atomic Captures are a 3×3 that captures all pieces and not pawns
    Knights are immune to Atomic Captures until it cannot capture again then it gets captured
    When a Pawn Captures,It gets captured
    En Passant is Legal in any moves,so if you can make en passant but you couldn't and then the opponent misses that then you can en passant
    The time clock is always between 5 seconds-1 minute with time increments 0-2

  4. I thought there wasnt going to be a refresher of the rules😂

  5. I thought this would be a way to address my chess addiction :(((

  6. What's the point in king if you can't move it?

  7. your average sane and normal youtube channel says:

    I thought it wanted me to quit. Would be way longer.

  8. Imagine if the board was slightly wider than depicted in the video, the kings could move (within a confined space), and you could use fairy pieces.

  9. We got the smaller version of chess before gta 6

  10. Chess but there’s 18 squares and is random

  11. Normal number of chess pieces from black and white

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