PogChamps 5: xQc Takes on Squeex, Fuslie Returns as Frank, CDawgVA, Wirtual, Ghastly Feature!

Featuring xQc, Tyler1, Sapnap, QTCinderella, CDawgVA, Fuslie, I did a thing, and more, Chess.com’s spectacular battle of the creators is back, and with $100,000 on the line! Our 16-player celebrity and streamer chess tournament which previously spawned a mountain of memes, and became one of the game’s biggest sensations ever, returns for a 5th edition!

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  1. Ggs Frank's fan even though you guys are coping so hard still fun game tho frank is so funny

  2. did they seriously get a furry to come and steal the flames from franks game? smfh what a shame

  3. Bro Frank's chat are so mean lol.. i felt bad for sonicfox.. bro they're spamming furry i don't care about it

  4. The energy is different when Andrea's commentating/hosting. Even that guy Danny Rensch's not afraid to start some banter. I like Danya, though, but for PogChamps, he's a little bit too reserved.

  5. That was just Xqc as played by Clint Eastwood. Do you remember what happened? I have nightmares about what happened. Tell Tyler I’m coming for him and that I’m the fox in the henhouse and he’s long neck number one. See you soon buddy.

  6. I Hope that furry shit in face of Sonicfox doesn’t appear anymore.

  7. I'm enjoying these amateur tournaments. I think they should do a sub-2000 tournament or something, so we could have sonic fox and Ludwig play.

  8. gah damn this is interesting af lol

  9. As long as Frank doesn’t get CDawgVA or Ghastly in the next round I think he has a chance.

  10. can someone get that furry out of the stream… it's been too long

  11. wirtual started his account at 1600 ain't no way

  12. I care no more, I want a revenge of frank on cdog, I want blood now

  13. i like how the title looks like 'Fuslie Returns as Frank'

  14. I liked Danya and Canty as a commentator pair but wtf was SonicFox doing here, he was distracting

  15. Great chess, shame about the chat hating on vtubers/furries.

  16. That knight on the rim vs wirtual just camping during the third game lmao

  17. Well at least cdawg didn't have to pull out the BeatDepressionNow lol

  18. great commentary combo! Danny and Andrea was fun but someone needs to keep them on track…. it’s pogchamps not chess streamer podcast lol

  19. Isn’t Sonicfox a Smash Bros player?

  20. James imitating Fuslie felt kinda disrespectful. Seemed like he was mocking her.

  21. Frank is really terrible for his lvl. Llike he has a coach he plays daily and yet plays worse than a 500. I started playing chess first time on Jan and i never played chess daily only in free time and i already got 1300 in june 💀. Frank is really bad

  22. Frank fans copping on the idea that "Connor cheated with the coloring book" is as tasty as a fine glass of grape juice (he wasn't drinking wine btw)

  23. Hikaru be like 1:45:01

    Also Danya + James is my favorite commentary pairing so far

  24. Oh my god, Danny and Canthy commentating together, can it get any better?

  25. worst commentary of all days so far…aside from Danya who is one of the best

  26. bro called the original harder better faster stronger a remix 💀

  27. Props for Danya carrying the commentary while being paired up with absolute F tier cringe. Canty was painful enough, but the furry was unwatchable. Thank God for Franks or I would have just shut it off.

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