Human Chess In Real Life 2

Chess In Real Life! What’s your go to chess strategy??
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  1. Funny moments in the the video: Part 3

    White king: But first I think we're about to be violently pulled back to where we came from!
    Former White king: What?
    Gets violently pulled back to where they came from

  2. Qué pero si antes ja avían jugando

  3. watching this right after I finished reading check&mate was just the best thing🤌

  4. One shall Stand, One Shall Fall
    That tone is from Optimus Prime. Looks like someone is copying Optimus' statement.

  5. I wish to make another channel just like yours.
    We are literally the opposites shiloh has a lot of brothers(I think) and I have a lot of sisters (20 I think)

  6. I’m 99 every like this video gets I get older if I hit 100 years I’m ded😢

  7. are you going to make a nerf fight had zombies part 3 pls🙏

  8. Girl Shiloh u looked sooo pretty in that purple tank top

  9. Found the QR Code. When we see the portal being introduced the table has it on the side. Time: 29:33

  10. This is incredible! As always 💜💙🧡

  11. This is such an amazing video! I love how they work together and then they won.

  12. I’m so glad y’all did a 2nd Chess one it’s the absolute best thing!! Edit: This should be in a movie theater!!

  13. Who want's them to do

    Poppy playtime chapter 3


  14. I love you Shiloh and Bros thanks you for posting I was waiting you only posted the mushroom one imposter 😂

  15. Do Ace Attourney in Real Life next! Like if you agree 🙂

  16. Yas queen slayyy😂😂😊😊😊❤❤❤🎉🎉🎉🎉

  17. Fortune cookie: You are about to be sucked into a magical portal
    The guy: Who writes these things?
    Famous last words


  19. I was crying when elijah turned one of them

  20. Yayayyyayayayay oh btw can you make a Pokémon two pls pls pls pls pls plssssss

  21. Me wondering how elijah got trapped for wasnt called for the challenge and not marcus sitting there not being called for the challenge-

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