Human Chess In Real Life

Chess IRL! What’s your go to chess strategy??

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Thank you to City Wide Art for doing the Chess King facepainting!

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  1. Nah no way Shiloh and Bros has a story line now!

  2. And he sacrefice the rooooooooooook

  3. Wait Shiloh and bros are racist?
    If you don’t know what I mean I’m saying chess is racism game I think

  4. Was i the only one that noticed the gotham chess reference? HE SACERFICES THE ROOK!!!

  5. OMG THIS IS so cool
    Edit: And he sacrificed his ROOOOOOOOOOOOOKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK 15:02

    Edit 2:the center pawn becomes a queen (if you guys watch top chess you would know)

  6. And of course the tradition of them winning on 3 like in most Among Us vids

  7. some lore: doors, P(oppy) P(laytime), more and now chess… it seems like what they have done or something like they can't leave and someone is putting stuff they've made hmm wierd.

  8. 18:13 Why were those objects from previous videos there, who was collecting them, and who is the bad guy's name? (in the video, not the actor)

  9. first this is motivation for my chess tournament second i love chess you guys got my heart

  10. @Shilohandbros You guys should make a five nights at Freddy's video

  11. Eli is my favorite in this video like he is always!!!!!

  12. Hi


    Shiloh and bros=BEST!

    Ok bye

    Ok fr now bye

    Ok ok fr now

    Bye Shiloh and bros

  13. Did they got a leter of Hogwarts or something?

  14. Water fight golden blaster doors candle and poppy playtime grab thingys. And king chess piece hmm someone is collecting things

  15. I love the part when Micah came with the results and the were happy with the one brilliant move 😂
    Edit: Tysm for so many likes❤

  16. I could see all the effort put into this! Amazing video!

  17. Bro Shiloh and her brothers never fail to amaze me

  18. Chess likes lego well that’s new also why does Micah look like anikane sky walker

  19. At 3.56 mins there was a green screen glicht

  20. I know that you guys would not appreciate this, but I am just going to say this. Shiloh and Bros never fails to entertain us. expected replies: we know, or again and again or STOP!

  21. Judah omg he’s my favourite Nelson but now I love him even more and his outfit oml 11:57 Thor fans

  22. Shiloh rainbow friends chapter 2 is out pls do rainbow friends chapter 2 in real life

  23. Wait i think the very end has all of the items that they have in their some of their vids like theres the grabpack(poppy playtime) gun and candy(brawl stars) dirt (minecraft) candle(doors) golden blaster (waterfight) kings (chess)

  24. Seriously though, I really REALLY wonder how many takes it took them to practice not reacting to Judah’s facial expressions 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  25. Hi Shiloh and Bros i was just wondering if you guys could do the rainbow freinds chapter 2 please. Ps i love you’re videos i have seen Them all❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🧡💛💚💙💜

  26. 3:27 was open game
    As someone who plays chess, i definitely couldnt follow whats going on

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