What happened to Hans Niemann?

Photo by Lennart Ootes, the GOAT: and

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  1. He stopped using anal beads so he's fallen off the map

  2. That margin of error part almost broke Levy

  3. Mr, Niemann is a dead ringer for Ludwig Van B

  4. 19:29 Came straight to the comments after this statement xD

  5. oh god hearing that Haowen was born in 2009 really bothered me 😂 time is weird

  6. Since the cheating controversy Hans has never been the same. I guess Chess speaks for itself.

  7. How to make videos long -> make a statement about individuals in Dubai & then correct yourself in multiple ways.

  8. casually mentions the the 27-0-9 performance and GM norm for Xue, what a beast.

  9. প্রত্যুৎপন্নমতি says:

    Levi made more money from this video than Hans does from a tournament.

  10. hans is still one of the most talented young chess players, He will learn from this and become top Gm someday

  11. It would be a low margin of error if you're talking about what is permitted. So if you can't afford to fuck up it's a low margin of error. You can make it clearer by adding the word permitted there

  12. He lost yo a 15 year old so he whipped out the beads

  13. Margin FOR error is low. Margin OF error is unknown.

  14. I think Hans was cheating bc his analysis was worse than the dude who was an announcer.

  15. so did he cheat in the second game orrrrr

  16. The margin of error is small when it's very tense.

  17. "chess speaks for itself" , proceeds to walk away

  18. Meh I know it is a personal opinion but I don't want to hear about mr.buttboy. And yes I do refer to him like that because it is amusing to me,

    I believe more in Magnus then Buttboy so until otherwise proven I think he put stuff up where the sun don't shine, and received messages.

  19. colors got flipped second game? Was Lu playing black?

  20. The margin of error is low. Wait no high? No, no, it's low. Wait, is it?

  21. Hans Niemann just wanted to take a little break, his ass was begging him

  22. Weren't you calling Hans a cheater like two months ago?

  23. We need more Haowen Xue that game looked nice!

  24. 1:06 this was the second to the last final round, he forfeited the tournament after this game, if my memory serves right

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