I am sorry for this.

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  1. How do you ban a game more important than whatever dumb shit youre teaching?

  2. Tbh I start playing around 2023 and my school didn’t ban it

  3. They cant ban chess in my school, because they have a chess club which needs the website to run

  4. It was never banned for my school and i was on alot

  5. Damn company it security bans games also, including chess…

  6. superhardalgebraproblems is actually blocked for me

  7. I thought we need to learn not ban knowledge

  8. This is actually useful because before this I had to play and ad spam sites where the best bot is weaker than Martin.

  9. Chess kids on clever app be like:🫥🫥🫥🫥🫥🫥🫥

  10. can't wait to test this after spring break

  11. Nope, you are soo insignificant to even have an impact on a couple of people. Your videos are really bad. Maybe just retire from youtube.

  12. But how they block it, is that banned from local school wifi or goverment, you can use data

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