Win Fast: Chess trap to checkmate in 7 moves! – chess tricks #chess #shorts

This trap is called BlackBurne Shilling Gambit. You can play this chess trap with black pieces and win in 7 moves only! #chess #shorts


  1. He can kill my knight by his camel bro make your tricks carefully

  2. Bro and if he trades of the knight's

  3. 5th move, opposing queen can take our queen easily

  4. Bro he won't take the pawn instead he will take the knight

  5. If opponent blocks with queen: Yea. Take it

  6. Bro he will take free knight instead of free pon

  7. But opponents take the pown by bishops so he normally can do checkmate 😅lol he just telling his trick not looking the condition terrible advise 😂😂

  8. But the night can kill the night right

  9. People don’t understand that this is one of many openings, the point isn’t to tunnel vision trying to do this one opening, but to learn as many so you can use which Evers best for the game situation.

  10. But what if he protect the king by queen instead of bishop

  11. If he takes the rook
    Take the rook with queen and it's a checkmate too

  12. When the opponent moves his knight to d4, So what should we have to do in that situation?

  13. Pov:If your opponent block by his queen instead of bishop. 💀

  14. This is why so many people will never get better because you rely on tricks and traps

  15. Why should I move according to u . I have another idea to check mate u and finish the game

  16. Thala for a reson 😅😅 7 moves 😅😅😅😅😅😅😂😂😂

  17. Opponent: makes different moves.

    Me: “no, no, no, let me do it.. you ain’t doin it right, I’ll show you the “actual script.” 😂

  18. Why would he go for a pawn? Knight is not backed by nothing in d4…

  19. What if queen blocks or is this for 50 elo players 😂😂😂😂

  20. Bhai 7the move Mai go horse na leke pawn lega……Bhai much bhi

  21. Bro forgot where a bishop can go to💀💀

  22. Never work, because wo horse marega na ki paun…… Biggest mistake

  23. You will not see Bishop is cut him 😂😂😂🎉🎉🎉🎉😅😅

  24. What if he gets my ruk with his horse instead of saving his own ruk

  25. What if he gets my ruk with his horse instead of saving his own ruk

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