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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov answers one of the most common questions asked by his students, which is – how to train chess effectively? How should you study chess so that you don’t get stuck at the same level, but keep progressing gradually?

That is exactly what you will learn from this lesson. GM Smirnov shares with you a 30-minute chess training plan which focuses on 3 methods of training. Studying chess for just 30 minutes daily on these 3 methods will give you significant results. This will help you reach the 2000 ELO rating faster! You will also know how to train if you have less or more time available in a day.

► Chapters

00:00 How to train chess effectively & improve faster?
00:26 Chess Study Plan: 1) Tactics Training
02:51 Practice Puzzle: Can you find the win?
02:57 Chess Study Plan: 2) Play & Analyze
04:08 Analyzing your chess game with engine
06:36 Training Plan: 3) Study chess (openings)
08:18 Studying positional concepts in chess
09:00 Chess Training Plan for 30 minutes per day
10:00 Training Plan if you have more time available

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  1. i followed the plan for 8 months. my rating was 800 but now 670. Why i am not improving?😢

  2. Can that work for me am a 370 elo player 😂😂

  3. Qh5 bishop pinned how do you stop checkmate you cant i guess

  4. what's the best way of studying using a chess book.

  5. Something I've found helpful is analyzing my game without the engine, taking notes explaining my thinking, then going over it again with the engine. I save this for longer time control games which I suspect had good learning opportunities. For blitz or bullet games I just do a quick check with the engine to make sure I didn't miss anything major.

  6. 300 rated as of 5 mins ago I love the game and have so much fun with it but honestly am just having such a hard time putting things I learn into play as well I tend to get tunnel visioned near the late game forgetting about other piece possibility’s and blundering because of it, anyone have any tips for game awareness as well as new openings I currently play the London more than anything

  7. Second puzzle Queen to H5 and if black captures the white bishop you move the pawn on G5 to G6 and black cant do nothing to prevent checkmate

  8. When I was at 1000 Elo i was always playing with Bot 2000 to 2500 I have losed alot but I didn't give up I did continue play until I win and I made draw as will

  9. Controlled fun 😂 paradox or oxymoronic. Answers by postcard, ususal address. Its a game people, yeesh. Yes i play but not to obsession.

  10. I think the solve to the 2:55 puzzle is Qh5, and if Bxc4 g6 and there is no way to stop the Queen coming to h7 or h8, delivering a checkmate

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