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Day 3 of Candidates 2024 Abasov vs Hikaru
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  1. Well I admit you are not my favourite in the tournament but man. Give 'em hell

  2. You should have played for a win not for a draw
    .. be more ambitious !!

  3. I don't know why, but I feel this strange tension. I watch Hikatu's videos or streams every day and I have become very attached. When Hikaru doesn't do well in the tournament, I feel sad and think about it throughout the day. I can't look at some of the comments about Hikaru on YouTube and Twitter where he is criticized. I think he played a great game against Fabiano, a bad one against Vidit and a good one against Abasov.
    There wasn't much he could do with Abasov, he played an interesting opening and tried to create imbalance, but Abasov played terribly to draw. I still see that this is the same Hikau who has achieved so much, who is amazing in classical chess games. I'm afraid that he will stop believing in himself. Hikaru, don't forget who you are.

  4. Personally, I'd just love to see you win rather than making moves for content.

    Its just heartbreaking seing you loose. That said, still loce your "I literally don't care" mentality, which usually lets you olay with so much confidence, it feels liek thr opponent is intimidated

  5. Hikaru can continue to stream and if he doesnt do well in the candidates he can always say his attention was divided between the tournament and his content

  6. And stop worrying about losing and think about winning!

  7. We have to change your mindset. You did well last time because you were loose. Let go and play freely. Stop thinking about what people prepared or not. That’s what you did in 2016 and it cost you. You are good enough to handle anything. That’s how Nepo plays. He doesn’t care about prep because he can deal with whatever. And you’re better than Nepo. Let your spirit loose Hikaru. Trust your years of instincts and play with confidence.

  8. Hikaruu will win the candidates!!
    Let's wish for the brilliant move by him!

  9. Guys..Hikaru is replicating messi as he did in the World Cup Run..so stay calm..we will see him at the top in not so a far away future.

  10. Dude you still can make a comeback. You have our support !

  11. Come on dude. Rooting for you from South Africa.

  12. Hikaru is using the “I do it for content” as a coping mechanism for the pressure and anxiety he faces with actually really wanting to win. You can see it all over his face during the games, this is his best chance to be world champion.

  13. All people playing to win the candidates, mean while hikaru playing for content 😂😂😂 ,even though i am an indian i felt bad when hikaru was defeated by gujrati

  14. 1, 2, 3 , 4, 5 , jajajaja, se burla de los canales españoles.😅

  15. b3 g3 or c3 tomorrow please dont play the spanish

  16. we understand chess is more enjoyable to you playing in a fun way but this is your chance of a lifetime, not winning is ok and we will love you either way but all that matters now is that you really do your best and give everything, this is the only way you will be comfortable with yourself when you think about this event in 5-10-20-30 years

  17. The fake enthusiastic voice in the beginning is getting out of hand. Someone tell him to stop.

  18. can someone explain what it is with this happy jolly voice i havent hikaru in a few years

  19. Same old Hiki ,never be world champ playing like that

  20. If u could win a tournament with draws… Drawkamura would be unbeatable 😂

  21. Great stuff. Very conflicted now whether to support my favorite chess content creator Hikaru or the brother from my city Pragg. Guess I’ll have to pick Pragg but good luck 👍🏻

  22. I meed hikaru made his content bout his battle in world championship

  23. nobody cares about your content if you keep losing. In fact, I think you are just making excuses for your poor performance by saying that you are playing for content. That is also very disrespectful towards the other participants.

  24. You gotta play to win. Views for a win review would be tenfold!

  25. loose or win.
    When I see an upload, its clicks, clicks, clicks, and, clicks, clicks, clicks.
    Best of Luck from Africa Hikaru.

  26. From the looks of it.. Pragg will definitely give him a complete opposite of a boring game tomorrow

  27. As someone who likes to watch your recaps, I always prefeer seeing you having a boring win (or a boring draw), playing the best chess you can, rather than seeing you playing a slightly unusual and inaccurate move "for content" and then lose a game. I think a lot of you fans feel the same 🙂 Wish you the best for your tournament!

  28. Hikaru just needs love from his fans to get motivated to beat everyday's asses

  29. Bro we want to see u win cmon im indian and i felt bad when vidit beat u 😂

  30. I am going to click on the next video if and only if you win the next game

  31. As much as I enjoy Gotham's dayly content & am annoyed by his tunnelly limited vision & time hugging care/useless dumb fantasy scenarios, I tend to not enjoy yout verbal notes, tones , pitch, ruthm.

    Ir the best but not un perfectable 😜😊

  32. I want Hilary to win if not fabi has the best chance

  33. Don't play for content Hikaru, play to win this thing. THAT would be the best content we could ask for

  34. Bro casually playing candidates just for CONTENT.

  35. bro take a rest and focus on the tournament instead of creating a content

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